Burgess Owens Slams Black Lives Matter And White Privilege

Daily Caller: Former NFL player Burgess Owens said on Monday that he believes the Black Lives Matter organization is filled with cowards.

Owens recently spoke at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, but was shouted down by protesters who called him an “Uncle Tom” and insisted that he doesn’t understand racism. During an interview with Fox Business Network, Owens denounced the students who protested him and the organizations backing them.

“I’ll say this, what…Black Lives Matter, the Deep State, the college professors, all have in common with the KKK is that, at the end of the day, you take away the white privilege, you take off the white hoods and the black masks, and you have nothing but bullies and cowards,” Owens asserted. read more

10 Comments on Burgess Owens Slams Black Lives Matter And White Privilege

  1. An attitude like this will get Burgess Owens nothing but….success and a happier life? Wait, that doesn’t sound right.

  2. The standard tactic….. Start screaming “UNCLE TOM” and “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND” and bash a few heads and boycott a few stores or brands…. 11% of the population should probably NOT be so divisive or outspoken!

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  3. Have you ever stopped to realize the small number of assholes in the MSM that perpetuate the hate, lies and division of America?
    It’s like a child with a match in an oil refinery.

  4. Anyone who disrupts a college speaker should be charged with DISORDERLY CONDUCT and fined, like everyone else is.

    You start compiling records against these people, not only do they have to admit that on any future resume, but the city makes money off of them.

  5. Mrs. Enraged and I went to H&WS back in the early ’60s. Really good schools then. An excellent introduction to Western Civilization was part of the core curriculum. Eight semester hours for BS degrees – 16 for BA degrees. The syllabus H&WS provided was superb. Judging from this current event and the communications we get from the colleges now, NOT ANY MORE. They seem to have gone the way of the rest of academia, sadly. No more preparation for citizenship in a democratic republic descended from the Judeo-Christian heritage any longer, just lefty indoctrination.

    VERY Worrisome!

  6. Old school of thought, when you are receiving flak you must be near the target. Sound like he is approaching target point.


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