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When will the left experience the consequences of their words and actions?

Yesterday, Fur posted and article which resulted in some discussions about balancing the attitude of frustration and joy with what is happening in our country. We are frustrated at the failure of our government for not prosecuting criminals. We are also enjoying the winning President Trump has brought by keeping so many of his promises.

We are frustrated because we don’t want to see the left get away with what they have been trying (and succeeding) to do to our country. We want criminals held responsible for their actions and, so far, it has seemed that only a few minor players have been slapped on the wrist.

I believe that this, in itself, has a consequence far beyond the demoralization we patriots feel. It has energized the left to exceed their rhetoric and take action based on their desire to change who we are by targeting people they deem evil.

Peter Fonda tweets vile rants that face little to no consequences.

Paul Ryan opposes President Trump’s agenda by writing an amnesty bill and all we hear is ‘talk’ of replacing him.

Mueller keeps digging for something on President Trump as his lackeys subvert the truth by destroying/manipulating evidence, but only a few minor lackeys are fired.

Then we learn that a federal employee at the DOJ, Allison Hrabar, was involved in harassing and threatening DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen at a restaurant.

This last incident is the one that crystallized my thinking about why it is so important that we (the whole country, not just us patriots) see the consequences of the left’s actions. This DOJ employee felt empowered to threaten someone; to act on her feelings based on the mistaken idea that she would face no consequences.

Who will be next, what will they do and who will be their next victim?

The left is empowered to act on their increasingly violent rhetoric because they are not held accountable.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

Let’s celebrate every win that brings back a little of our country. Rejoice at every anti-American Obama ‘legacy’ that is wiped out. Cheer every liberal Democrat voter that finally realizes the truth of the “plantation of useful idiots” that they escaped.

Along with our celebration, let us continue to write, call and vote to get our country back from those who wish to change us into something other than the country our founders built.

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  1. Yep, actions speak louder than words, and, so far, not one single Hillary supporter in the DC swamp exposed for committing egregious crimes has been prosecuted, not one. It’s only Trump staffers getting indicted, often over complete bullshit. Flynn is the most obvious example.

  2. Excellent, Claudia. I do indeed celebrate the recovery and restoration we’re making step by step. I realized late last night that it may appear that I don’t, but I do. But without justice…consequences, as you put it…what are such victories really worth in the long run? We’ll still appear to be a lawless nation, at least for some.

    I just want justice, too. They’ve earned the consequences. But I’m willing to wait.

  3. I think somebody found Trudy’s missing eyebrows.
    Yep, that’s the scary part, they feel totally at ease to break laws and disrupt commerce over their feelings.
    Secure in the idea they are untouchable because they are “right” to pursue their enemies.
    I’m gonna side with Brad on this, bring on the pain.
    Financial, physical, psychological, freedom, make them hurt.

  4. Justice delayed IS justice denied. The longer they are delayed the greater the injustice.

    And justice denied WILL lead to Civil War because the enormous injustices can never be undone.

    The brazen enemies amongst us refuse to recognize that their debt will be paid over generations.

  5. I think the scum are like those who poke a chained bear with a stick, without noticing how long the chain is and how weak it is. I think we’re getting VERY close to both limits. And, if that bear is anything like me and my family and friends, it is VERY angry and VERY hungry.

  6. Who among us would have sat in that restaurant and let these people go unchecked without some confrontation?

    Not one of us.

    The problem is that nobody like us eats there.

  7. I was just thinking along these lines this morning. While I feel we are incredibly blessed to have DJT as president, and I celebrate every victory, I am still infuriated at what the left can get away with. I’d like to see some consequences for that little DOJ bint, and for the likes of DiNiro and Peter Fonda.

    From what I have been reading, people are getting angrier at the left’s shenanigans. It’s coming to a boiling point. I don’t think the left will like the results.

  8. @Bad_Brad – the media is in a frenzy over Melania’s jacket. Unfortunately, her spokesperson did nothing to quell the hysteria. “It’s a jacket. There is no hidden agenda.” Really? If, in fact, the jacket is real, this is a rare, tone-deaf move on Melania’s part. I have been searching for anything that debunks it, but haven’t found anything. Have you?

  9. Speaking of consequences, on Monday Trey Gowdy was blowing his horn about how there would be hell to pay if the DOJ and the FBI did not turn over required documents by Wednesday (yesterday) morning. Did they turn over the documents? Did Trey forget about them? Did Trey just jump on the opportunity for a good sound bite? It is a very short list of people in DC that are Patriots and are serving for the purpose of Making America Great Again.

  10. Just now sent this to AG Sessions;

    “Dear Attorney General Sessions,

    I write to you demanding the immediate firing of Allison Hrabar, an employee of the Department of Justice.

    Video of her stalking and harassing Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is now mainstream news.

    This is abhorrent behavior for anyone as it goes far beyond civil protest, but is especially egregious for an employee under your purview. The offending Ms. Hrabar has stated justification for her actions as having taken place during off- work hours and on her own time. Was not Secretary Nielsen on her own time, too, as she enjoyed dinner with her husband?

    The type of “protesting” that Ms. Hrabar is engaging in has become all too common among the enemies of our nation. It is marked by gang stalking, ambushing of people at their homes and in public places, personal, verbal insults well inside the “comfort zone” of the intended target, trapping and surrounding the targeted individual so as to leave little margin for the only remaining step in this equation; physical violence.

    This is their intended outcome with these tactics, to incite violence.

    Mr. Sessions, there is a deeper problem: Allison Hrabar is engaging in Sedition. Sedition is defined as “conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.” Ms. Hrabar is a subversive, a member and participant in the violent Metro DC DSA (Democratic Socialists of America).

    This is yet another incident deeply concerning to us Americans; the discovery of people within our own government working against us. Shame.

    Please relieve Allison Hrabar of her duties immediately. I am certain that a bright, educated, America-loving individual can be found to replace her.

    We’re paying very close attention. We will not be gaslighted.’


  11. riverlife_callie

    I don’t think her or here people are aware of the pictures that are circulating. That’s why the generic response. This had to of been shopped. I wonder if FUR thinks that’s possible.No matter, the left is foaming at the mouth.

  12. “We are frustrated because we don’t want to see the left get away with what they have been trying (and succeeding) to do to our country. … I believe that this, in itself, has a consequence far beyond the demoralization we patriots feel.”


    One only feels it if you LET YOURSELF believe the Leftist Media crap. Trump is NOT Obama/Bush/Clinton. These are not “crimes of the century”; these are “AMERICAN EXISTENTIAL CRIMES”…meaning the remedy requires ABSOLUTE certainty and near-German “preciseness” (Genauigkeit) in execution of the PROSECUTION of those guilty of Crimes Against America (so, PATIENCE! idiots!). NOTHING else matters. You fuckers on this site spouting your TOKYO ROSE “all hope is lost” crapola are merely encouraging others to NOT vote in November. Happy with that, assholes (no, I’m *not* censoring my expletives here anymore)?!

    Words (Soap/Jury Box BEFORE Ammo Box) matter.

    MAN UP, assholes.

  13. the great thing about Trump is that the left isn’t hiding who they are anymore. Socialist & Communists.
    Give it to Trump he calls them out every single day.
    About time we fight back and it drives the left crazy which makes me Happy. Care about the children unless they are aborted. Priceless.

  14. @Czar of Defenestration June 21, 2018 at 4:03 pm

    For some who have been stabbed in the back, having the knife pulled halfway out is enough. Even if that is accompanied by removal of their wallet. For some only the complete removal of the blade will suffice. For some that is still not justice.

    If a show trial according to the rules written by the perpetrators is sufficient for you, then it is sufficient for you. Some may agree with you that such a performance for their amusement should be enough, but fear the quality won’t sate them.

    But if “Words … matter,” and the words you claim to support can, at best, lead others to shrug, and wish you “Well, good luck with that,” then what is there to “MAN UP” for? They are not your private army.

  15. TO Anon

    You fucking LOSER. “For some only the complete removal of the blade will suffice.”

    Nice. First, you have to get a knife. Confidentially. Then you have to bring it home. Then you have to plan your attack. Then you have to wait for timing. Then you have to execute your plan flawlessly (unless you don’t care about getting jailed or the intended victim not dying). Then you have to get away.

    But you want it all. RIGHT NOW.
    Fuck you, baby.

    Grow up.

  16. The problem is conservative’s have morals and abide by the rules believe in the rule of law and tend to think in a logical manner libtards believe none of it they cry unfair yet are the biggest cheaters liars and thieves it’s high time we understood that is best to stomp on a rodent than let it reak havoc. I am done with the moral high ground it’s time to fight fire with fire that’s what Trump is teaching that’s what the winning game is.

  17. It goes all the way down to the average Dem on the street. Never before have I been asked who I voted for as a conversation starter. They are offensive right off the bat.


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