Conservative Activist Scott Presler Cleans 12 Tons of Trash From Baltimore Streets With 200 Volunteers – IOTW Report

Conservative Activist Scott Presler Cleans 12 Tons of Trash From Baltimore Streets With 200 Volunteers

Epoch Times:

Some 200 volunteers combed through the streets of northwest Baltimore on Aug. 5, cleaning up trash and weeds in an “Americans Helping Americans” event organized by conservative activist Scott Presler.

Starting at 7 a.m. at the corner of North Fulton Avenue and Westwood Avenue, the volunteers spread through the surrounding blocks. By 8 p.m. they had collected over 12 tons of trash—destination junkyard.

Many locals expressed gratitude to the participants, and some joined in, Presler said in a phone call.


Presler initially kept details of the event under wraps, concerned that protesters, such as from the violent far-left “Antifa” of the “anti-fascist” group, may show up.

One “Antifa” activist posted the location of the event on Twitter on Aug. 5, calling Presler a “neo-fascist” and accused him of coming to Baltimore “making like … doing a cleanup of the city.”

“Are you going to come help?” Presler responded. There seemed to be no response from the activist.

More on the story- with pictures.

20 Comments on Conservative Activist Scott Presler Cleans 12 Tons of Trash From Baltimore Streets With 200 Volunteers

  1. No good deed goes unpunished. It’ll be back to disgusting in two days, and the Uncle Toms of the democrat plantation will be crying racism for some stupid reason. Right, Uncle Tome Cummings?

    When you rescue people who do not ask for your help, they will turn on you in rage.

  2. Nice effort, but do gooder Millenial feelz is not enough. The people who live in those Baltimore hoods have been brainwashed for years while living on a leftist plantation.
    They know not to upset their masters, by being self sufficient. Cleaning up their owm mess would cause some kind of backlash by local government officials. They fear the worst – gaslighted to the max. Baltimore won’t change until the people who live there realize they don’t need a corrupt political system to survive.

  3. Scott has a heart of gold. He worked for three days prior to the cleanup to get the permits for the dumpsters. Never heard back from the city, so they just did it anyway. Then, after the cleanup, they got the denial to place the dumpsters where they were needed.

    Baltimore has no interest in cleaning up or fixing the problems. I wouldn’t doubt that they will sent Scott a fine for cleaning it up without their approval.

  4. Don’t do that. Don’t clean up their mess. Let it fester and rot just like the city has under Democrat rule. If you clean it up people will feel good about themselves and forget the problem and walk away. It needs to be shoved in their noses every hour, every day until they start to realize what the root of the problem is.

  5. Pollyanna Adams here to say that there are TWO primary groups living within these slums who will benefit immensely and who — even if they don’t realize how much right now — are grateful for somebody, anybody!, cleaning up 12 tons of trash in their neighborhood; the elderly and the very young. Forget the able-bodied who might have helped. They probably fall into a couple categories as well: those who have learned the lessons of complete helplessness and those above getting their hands dirty, and those who are, shall we say, suspicious of any white people (especially any who are wearing a Trump tee shirt). In one of the videos, for example, two women who looked to be in their 40’s strolled on past the cameras, all dressed up and going somewhere else. They didn’t even stop to ask what the volunteers were doing.

    I hope with act spawns copycat cleanups. Pressley said that there is another one scheduled soon and another volunteer is putting one together for Los Angeles.

  6. And the Baltimore Sun does what it does best; impugn anyone with a desire to lift up – even for the few weeks it will probably take for things to go back to normal – with the shallowest of motives.

  7. Just saw this tweet from Scott:

    I just received this direct message on Twitter:

    “My 14-year-old son saw what you did and now he wants to start a movement in our hometown, which needs a LOT of cleaning up.”


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