Lyft Bikes Removed from San Francisco Bay Area After Multiple Fires – IOTW Report

Lyft Bikes Removed from San Francisco Bay Area After Multiple Fires

Lyft is removing its electric bikes from multiple cities in the San Francisco bay area after several bikes reportedly caught fire recently in San Francisco, Berkeley, and San Jose. MORE

SNIP: HOW did I miss this?!
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11 Comments on Lyft Bikes Removed from San Francisco Bay Area After Multiple Fires

  1. Battery packs catching fire?
    I guess even the hoi polloi have limits to their virtuosity if it entails riding down the street with their asses on fire.

    More likely than not the homeless won’t even ride the crappy bikes.

  2. I wonder if the idiot green electric scooters we have around here in Spokane just might catch on fire as well. I think that the green bikes and scooters are a stupid idea especially since now that people who use them willy nilly leave them all over town when they’re done using them and now the city has hired people at night to collect these green weenie monstrosities to put back out the next day. And we’ve had people throw them into the Spokane River and even steal a few of them. Another libtard good intentioned utopian idea gone bad.

  3. What I hate most about the scooter phenomenon is that conversation constantly seems to turn that way.
    Remember when we used to talk about more interesting things, like weather and politics?

  4. And when you’re riding one of the green weenie bikes you don’t have to wear a helmet but if you ride your own bike you’re required by law to wear a helmet. I wonder when we’ll see our first lawsuit accusing the city of gross criminal negligence when the first idiot takes a header and splatters their brains all over the pavement or sidewalks or a car hits them.

  5. These ‘scooters’ are toys for young people. Some use it for ‘transportation,’ but it’s a nightmare for pedestrians (they’ve getting massacred by scooter riders, particularly old people), to say nothing about the number of people riding the things getting creamed by cars.

  6. Tony R AUGUST 7, 2019 AT 12:22 PM
    “Just what I want; put something between my legs that may burst into fire any second!”

    …that’s what SHE said…


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