Constipation Cure: Ancient Chinese Secret?

KFI: A Chinese factory worker tried to fix his constipation by putting a 1.6 foot-long eel up his anus. 49-year-old Mr. Liu was rushed to the hospital after complaining of a stomach ache.

Doctors were stunned when they found the Asian swamp eel in his stomach along with feces and food residue.

Liu had refused medical help for his constipation, and opted for the ancient method of shoving an eel up his butt to clear the blockage.

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  1. A double dose of elemental magnesium goes a long way. The force generates violent up-splashing.

    the more you know.

    Day 3 of detox and holding strong 🙂

  2. I can’t even imagine what would possess someone to put something up his butt. The only thing I’ve had up there was a thermometer when I was too young to object.

  3. “We asked Mr Liu when we spotted the eel in his stomach, he said the eel went into his anus by mistake.”

    Get that factory worker to Washington! We’ve found the newest Democratic poster pol!

  4. Why?

    There is a cheap product on the grocery store shelf from China itself called Chinese Dieters Tea.

    That shit works very well.

    Sum Ting Wong here.

  5. The eel immediately swam through the toilet and committed suicide – because even the most unintelligent animals have God given instincts and know that that stuff is perverted and nasty, and he no loner wanted to live in that world.

  6. “Opted for the ancient method ” ??
    What? Mr. Liu wasn’t the first? Ya say they’ve been doing this for hundreds of years ?

    TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine won’t gain any new converts from this story.
    Makes you wonder who was the first, and what made him think this was a good idea.
    And why did a second guy think it was a good idea too.

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