The Green Guillotine: PLAN Hermosa

CA political review: If you’ve ever wondered what happens when Berkeley-grade environmentalists finally seize control of all the levers of government power, let me introduce you to my town of Hermosa Beach, California.

The first thing they do is come for your carbon.

They want you to stop burning it. Immediately.

Environmental purists believe that burning carbon in any of its various forms ultimately causes the seas to rise and the polar caps to melt. They believe carbon emissions cause the rainlessness that is turning central California into fallow hardscape.

Hermosa’s newly elected political leadership decided to take a stand against carbon and recently unveiled a blueprint to reach the city’s goal of being “carbon neutral” by 2030. In green-speak, “carbon neutrality” means achieving zero net carbon emissions by eliminating greenhouse gasses (i.e., carbon dioxide) and purchasing “offsets” (i.e., trees) for whatever they can’t. Their roadmap to achieve this goal is called PLAN Hermosa.

Predictably, the first step towards “carbon neutrality” calls for getting rid of the city’s cars.  MORE

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  1. As property values eventually plummet.

    Also, do they compost their dead? Cremation might cause carbon.

  2. This is going to put living green to the test and I’m betting they aren’t going to willingly walk the talk once they understand what it entails.

  3. I’d be willing to be a dollar and 95 cents that none of the progs have any idea how solar panels are made. And another 2 dollar bet none of them asked, “is hydrochloric acid worse than CO2?”

    [T]urning metallurgical-grade silicon into a purer form called polysilicon—creates the very toxic compound silicon tetrachloride. The refinement process involves combining hydrochloric acid with metallurgical-grade silicon to turn it into what are called trichlorosilanes. The trichlorosilanes then react with added hydrogen, producing polysilicon along with liquid silicon tetrachloride—three or four tons of silicon tetrachloride for every ton of polysilicon.

    Capturing silicon from silicon tetrachloride requires less energy than obtaining it from raw silica, so recycling this waste can save manufacturers money. But the reprocessing equipment can cost tens of millions of dollars. So some operations have just thrown away the by-product. If exposed to water—and that’s hard to prevent if it’s casually dumped—the silicon tetrachloride releases hydrochloric acid, acidifying the soil and emitting harmful fumes. [More]

  4. And minimum wage going up, don’t leave that out of the equation.

    California dreamin’, they gonna wake up screaming

  5. @eternal Cracker: And don’t get me started on Lithium mining. Lithium being the battery component in the Toyota Pius.

  6. “the city will have to do something, because a mandate without enforcement is merely a suggestion.”

    mandate means quite a bit different than ‘suggestion’ to some.
    Great- now hermosa beach is promoting mandates. And with fewer parking places. Not gonna work.

  7. It’s time to start executing these motherfuckers with guns.

    It’s what the 2nd Amendment was put in place for: Stopping governmental tyranny.

  8. MJA, I’ll light fires for you and take pictures if
    you’d like. Dead coconuts smell so great when they
    are burning!


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