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Consumer Reports Advises You to Avoid These EVs

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Now that EV sales numbers are surging, Consumer Reports is getting feedback from more respondents than ever. The preliminary studies suggest that those who spend considerable time with their EVs are also experiencing some frustrating headaches. The top reported EV-related concerns to include battery pack issues, charging system malfunctions, and even drive motor repairs.

The Consumer Reports team assembles the survey responses from actual vehicle owners when assigning categorical scores and ratings for every vehicle in the lineup. And one of the first poor-performing electric vehicles on this Consumer Reports list is the 2023 Chevy Bolt. Earning the lowest possible predicted reliability rating may be worth avoiding the Bolt. The Consumer Reports reviews aren’t so favorable for the 2023 Volkswagen ID4, either, with below-average predicted reliability ratings. Shocking

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  1. I clicked. the headline just doesn’t align with the link. the fact is the Chevy bolt has been a reliable ride. if you drive 20000 miles a year and can charge at home that thing is a hell of a deal.

  2. I have NO DESIRE for an EV, but if I did buy one it would be a Tesla.

    I have customers with the sport models as 3rd cars and they like them.

    Their Logic: 1/4 the cost of a Ferrari and stupid fast for the price.

    Most of my Ferrari type customers barely use them after 2 years anyway. They keep them babied in heated storage areas & still spend a shitload doing maintenance on them esp. since lack of driving kills the finicky pieces of shit.

  3. The Automobile industry is following the lead of the Pharmaceutical Industry … don’t spend the time testing your product, get the government approval, cut the ribbon, promote the hell out of it, put it on the streets, reengineer it after thousands of people die and blame it all on Climate Change !!

    “Bolt, an Action VERB” when encountering Electric Vehicles and COVID Injections

  4. As a retired aerospace engineer my recommendation is avoid any and all of these toys. Sure, if its your third car (toy), go for it. If you rely on your vehicle, make a better choice.

  5. They’re all rated on “predicted” reliability. And just like all the other goofs in the EV business, give the Hyundai Ioniq a high “predicted” score. Based on looks alone that car is downright fugly, I don’t care how reliable it is I wouldn’t be caught in one.

    They also rate Mazda and BMW reliability greater than Honda. Now that’s funny.

    I was somewhat impressed with the 2023 Toyota Prius, it actually looks like a decent car, finally.

    Either way, I’m happy with my latest purchase, a 2011 Crown Victoria police interceptor for $5k, it burns dinosaurs like crazy thru all 8 cylinders and stupid simple to work on with parts in every junkyard. Screw these newfangled electric rolling phones with no parts and limited service with any modification resulting in your warranty void and/or capabilities turned off from the mothership.

  6. evp I drive a 2010 E63 AMG. 518 HP and 0-60 4.4 seconds. that said all of the YouTube videos on the bolt by real owners with 100,000 miles on them rave about the low maintenance. the bolt does 0 to 60 in 6.5 seconds so it is no slouch

  7. Just remember….In 10-12 years you won’t be able to give your EV away. The cost to replace the batteries will be more than a another car.
    And…the batteries deteriorate regardless if you drive your car a lot or keep it babied in a heated garage.

  8. If you took the experimental Jab and boosters, buy the newest, most costly and powerful EV. Both of your batteries will likely deteriorate and be dead around the same time.

    Heck, Enjoy Life, you can’t take it with you and your kids will just piss it away on alcohol, drugs, a 426 Hemi, a house too big, a divorce and alimony payments anyway.

  9. Jethro, you’re hurting the feelings of all the early Tesla adopters. Elon said it would be the last car they’d ever have to purchase and they would never depreciate should they find some strange reason to sell, which they won’t because it would be a stupid thing to do. Yep, those early Teslas are on the block for under $20k with dead batteries. So much for that. I laughed in the faces of people who believed Elon’s snake oil and were trying to convince me those early Teslas would go EASILY 1,000,000 miles before any maintenance outside brakes and tires. Who is laughing now? LOL.

  10. Kcir, you can get CV’s in Canada, the rules are a bit different at auction you can’t do anything other than start it and look at it, then they have to put the backseat in, remove flashing lights and spotlight, seat divider, and bullbar. In the US here mine came with the seat divider, bullbar, spotlight and a VCR in the trunk with footage of perps getting arrested by the cop who had the car for Niles, Ohio PD. 75 MPH crash rated rear end impact, vinyl floor, floats like a boat down the street, cop shocks, cop tires, constant 17-18 MPG no matter city or highway, burnouts for days. 80k miles, should last a long ass time. Giving it to my kid for his second semester freshman college, then I’m taking it back, maybe, depends on what he does to it being in automotive tech, he’s already talking about reprogramming it and doing all kinds of mods, but his fund are limited.

  11. Excuse me if I missed it above, but the police Crown Vic’s have bullet shields built into the door as long as the outside is facing the shooter.

    I worked at a (Canadian) auto auction and found the spec sheet in one.

    My preferred ex police car would be a CHP 1969 Dodge Polara.

  12. ” as long as the outside is facing the shooter.”

    So it don’t work fer shit if the shooters inside the car? I build a 7 pound Creedmoor that’ll go through both doors. Your talking old tech.

  13. We got a new Maverick last year. We got the turbo charged instead of the hybrid. Our mechanic said hybrids and ev’s are terrible to work on. Too many things can go wrong and they’re expensive to get parts for. He also said if you’re going to drive any distance they’re no good. We knew that as much of Maine is kind of undeveloped.

    Not that we would get an ev but we asked just in case.

  14. Consumer Reports 2 big thumbs down. I learned the hard way they are not to be trusted! Next, of course I have some used Teslas in the lot. Their batteries just like new 🤞. Are they considered hazardous waste? At least not yet.

  15. ecp,

    Yes, you can get a “Vic” but they sell at a premium.
    Our roads are SALTED, & they are not in the same shape as a Southern warm climate car. (corrosion)

    At that point, it is a lot of effort compared to a Pickup Truck that cuts through winter like butter & Hauls the “Toys” in Summer.


  16. Kcir, yep, roads are salted here too. There’s Canuckistans on the youtubes with CVs that are rust-free. Don’t know how, but they find them in better shape than southern climates. My guess they came from a lower population area that uses sand instead of salt. But yea, prolly not the best car for snow.

  17. Psst.
    Buy a Factory Five Cobra kit.
    Build it and equip it withe the drivetrain of your choosing.

    The power/weight ratio can’t help but be fantastic.
    You will be the envy or all your neighbors.
    It will have sale value WELL beyond your costs (unless you are ham-handed).
    The ENERGY DENSITY of gasoline is immense. It is universally dispensed and easily utilized.
    Be prepared to disguise your contempt for the stupids that bought an EV.
    And most importantly, FJB and all the thieves/liars that enabled him.

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