Contest- in and out

Help me finish my .gif –

You can suggest what is going into Sandy’s skull, or what’s flying out, or what flies in and then flies out.

The one, or ones, that tickle me will get the credit.

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  1. Air.

    That’s why the boys in the bar called her an airhead.

    Hey, airhead, gimme a brew!

    Hey, airhead, stop talking about your problems and get me a beer!

    Hey airhead I want my beer tax-free

    Hey airhead, can I have a shot with that?

    Hey airhead! Shaddup.



  2. Coffee Shop Resume
    How To Debate 101
    What flavors does the U.S. Mint have?
    Print app to print ‘free money’

  3. How about a devil on her shoulder that is crapping into her ear, and then stupid crap comes out of her mouth?

    If you don’t like devils, then you could exchange him for Karl Marx or Bernie Sanders. Same…Same.

  4. *Four and twenty blackbirds go in, a pie in the sky comes out loaded with passengers (across the Atlantic).
    *Swarming flies out and circling her head like a hive hat.
    *Skull full of termites.
    *Skull opens and active tornado is inside. A whirlwind of ideas!

  5. @Cotton Pickn Cracker, A zombie climbs out and says “I’m still hungry!”
    LOL that would imply there was a brain there to begin with.

  6. ” I could while away the hours, conversing with the flowers, but I got to vote to abstain”….

  7. Her parents may havw dropped her on her head every day fo two years. That would explain how the brain functions seperate from the mind.

  8. Real life AOC doll…brain intentionally omitted (and unavailable in this model) for greater authenticity

  9. AUDIO: Marlon Brando (from “Apocalyspse Now”) – “The horror, the horror.”

    VISUAL (going OUT): *any* picture of Brando being gross/ugly/desperate (from “Apocalypse Now” or “Last Tango”)

  10. Going in: Image of the beautiful Earth with fluffy white clouds and deep blue oceans.

    Coming out: Skull and crossbones signalling certain death for all its inhabitants and dollar signs and exclamation points floating aimlessly about.

  11. the buzzer beat me-
    contemplating a bottle of vodka and a bottle of milk of magnesia and a drunk electrician bellowing ‘Where’s my Phillips screwdriver?’

  12. How about a history book or other “facts” can’t get in and bounce off the skull or get rejected by Karl Marx?

  13. Popcorn coming out
    Maduro coming out
    Soros coming out
    Cenk Ungar coming out
    Pouring hot water in
    Basketball player slam dunking
    Monkey playing cymbals

  14. In: Books. Das Kapital, Mein Kampf, Rules for Radicals, Heather Has Two Mommies, etc.

    Out: Dismembered fetuses, poverty pics, that sort of thing.

    Can the head spin between inbound and outbound?

  15. A picture of the alcoholic concoction of layered Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream and whiskey. Also known as a Duck Fart. True story. I, too, bar tended for many moons.

  16. I think Richard P. is onto something there (Monty Python)

    Perhaps in the center of her skull the giant foot smashing out

    Her bad Ideas Play-doh style through Her Mouth.

  17. Or Perhaps one of the “Which Cup gets filled first” Graphs You see on


    Except that all of the Tubes are blocked.

  18. Schiffs head! Shit for brains!

    Truth is you could put any old dem head in her head. They’re all the samme, Li’l valley girls.

    Is she a valley girl? A deep valley?

  19. crickets

    spider webs

    If you could do a sound gif, giggling like a little girl

    a poster of Al Gore like a pre teen would have on her wall

  20. I am SO late to this contest

    All I can think of (since there are so many great answers already) is a Green New Dill (pickle).

  21. Money in
    Chaos out. (or Bullshit or Lies or Globaloney)

    (have no idea how to convey that, though)

    izlamo delenda est …

  22. Like pandora’s Box, only evil comes out. But unlike Pandora’s box, there is nothing left inside.

  23. Has using her head as a spittoon been used yet?
    I’m very late to the party.
    They are wonderful so far. 🙂

  24. IN – Label: “Expiration Date: 12 years”
    OUT – Green Duck with Xs on eyes, flaps wings then drops immediately.

  25. Moths – two little mission escaping anime Patriot moths that have eaten what is LEFT.

    Or perhaps Mothera herself?

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