Contest- in and out – IOTW Report

Contest- in and out

Help me finish my .gif –

You can suggest what is going into Sandy’s skull, or what’s flying out, or what flies in and then flies out.

The one, or ones, that tickle me will get the credit.

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  1. Air.

    That’s why the boys in the bar called her an airhead.

    Hey, airhead, gimme a brew!

    Hey, airhead, stop talking about your problems and get me a beer!

    Hey airhead I want my beer tax-free

    Hey airhead, can I have a shot with that?

    Hey airhead! Shaddup.



  2. How about a devil on her shoulder that is crapping into her ear, and then stupid crap comes out of her mouth?

    If you don’t like devils, then you could exchange him for Karl Marx or Bernie Sanders. Same…Same.

  3. *Four and twenty blackbirds go in, a pie in the sky comes out loaded with passengers (across the Atlantic).
    *Swarming flies out and circling her head like a hive hat.
    *Skull full of termites.
    *Skull opens and active tornado is inside. A whirlwind of ideas!

  4. AUDIO: Marlon Brando (from “Apocalyspse Now”) – “The horror, the horror.”

    VISUAL (going OUT): *any* picture of Brando being gross/ugly/desperate (from “Apocalypse Now” or “Last Tango”)

  5. Going in: Image of the beautiful Earth with fluffy white clouds and deep blue oceans.

    Coming out: Skull and crossbones signalling certain death for all its inhabitants and dollar signs and exclamation points floating aimlessly about.

  6. In: Books. Das Kapital, Mein Kampf, Rules for Radicals, Heather Has Two Mommies, etc.

    Out: Dismembered fetuses, poverty pics, that sort of thing.

    Can the head spin between inbound and outbound?


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