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Contest! Replace one word in a movie title with…



Butt first, let’s settle up the previous contest:

 A special Valentine edition of ‘What Did She Do?’ .

The correct answer to what she did was
#5. Beat her husband after she found his dildo.

And here is her story:

Wife Battered Husband After She Found Dildo Among His Belongings, Cops Charge– TSG.

No one guessed ‘MJA’s fake contributions’, but a couple of you got very close.  My two fakes were:

7] Worked at a school for the blind and was caught disrobing while teaching class.

9] Superglued her granddaughter’s fingers together because she wouldn’t stop picking her nose.

Since no one won that contest, here’s a new one:

Replace one word in a movie title with the word TUSHY.

Whoever makes me laugh my ass off will win a Keith Safety Whistle, courtesy of Menderman.

Rules: You may enter as often as you like [That’s what she said. Heh.]
Contest ends February 16th, 12pm (noon) EST. [Someone remind me]

Now, go do that voodoo that you do sooo weeeeellll! 

872 Comments on Contest! Replace one word in a movie title with…

  1. Willy Wonka and the Tushy Factory

  2. Citizen Tushy
    …now putting “Tushy” into copy/paste/

  3. WOW BFH both at the exact same minute too!!

  4. All Quiet on the Tushi Front. pfft!

  5. A Man called Tushy

    Gran Tushy

    Tushy Tushy Bang Bang

    Tushy Poppins

  6. Michale Moore’s “What Tushy to Invade Next”…

  7. Around the Tushy in 80 Days – The Michelle Obama Story

  8. The Tushy Hunter

    The Abominable Dr. Tushy

    From Tushy to Eternity

  9. Valley Of The Tushy. And just for barry, The Manchurian Tushy. Why was there never a James Bond babe named Tushy Galore? 2001, A Space Tushy. The Princess Tushy. An obscure one, I Was A Tushy For The FBI. The Invisible Tushy etc. etc. Bad sci fi, Attack Of The 50 Foot Tushy. I’ve got a million of them

  10. Oh come on now, no one has had….

    It’s a Wonderful Tushy!

  11. a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Tushy

  12. Disco Tushy

    The Boys from Tushy

    The Boys in the Tushy

    Tushy Fly

    Kill Tushy

    Pulp Tushy

    The Magnificent Tushy

  13. What’s up, Tushycat?

    (Starring TUSHY GALORE)

  14. The Sound of Tushy

    The Tushy of Music

  15. Tushy Cassidy and the Sundance Tushy…

  16. Plan Tushy from Outer Space

    Reefer Tushy

    I Spit On Your Tushy

    Birth of A Tushy

    Tushy Dearest

    Heaven’s Tushy

    Terror of Tushy Town

  17. [I’ve been laughing for five minutes]

  18. The Silence of the Tushies
    (Silent, but deadly)

  19. Battleship Tushy

    The Discreet Charm of the Tushy

    Tushy Is Beautiful

    Enter The Tushy

    Crouching Tiger Hidden Tushy

  20. “Tushy”, starring Dustin Hoffman playing a female tushy.

  21. Lara Croft – tushy raider – The cradle of farts

  22. The Girl With The Tushy Tattoo

    oh crap the Cav’s are on
    gotta’s run

    Have Tushy Will Travel

    The Wild Wild Tushy

  23. Carnal Tushy…

    Bob, Carol, Ted and Tushy…

  24. The Tushies of Navarone and its sequel Force Tushie from Navarone.

  25. Wow 400+ comments, you people either really love movies or you love tushy!

  26. Bad Tushy At Black Rock
    Bad Day At Black Tushy

  27. I think Claudia may have one it with the E.T. bit.

  28. A Room with a Tushy
    A Tushy with a View

  29. Hateful Tushy

    Stormy Tushy

    Tushies of the Field

    Up The Down Tushy

    Coming to Tushy

    Tushy Sings The Blues

    Tushy Is Burning

    Tushy Fever
    Monster’s Tushy

    Imitation of Tushy

    The Great White Tushy

    The Last King of Tushy

    The Princess Tushy

    Tushy Wash

    Dang basketball game was replay!!!!!

  30. What happens if MJA laughs so hard she er, um soils herself?

  31. Czar: “Tushy with the wind” has got to be a frontrunner.

  32. 101 Tushies

    Born Tushy

    Legally Tushy

    The Call of the Tushy


    Finding Tushy

    Happy Tushy

    Tushy Come Home

  33. Eat Tushy Love

    Tushy for Elephants

    The Life of Tushy

    The Accidental Tushy

    West Side Tushy

    The Blues Tushy

    The Rocky Horror Tushy Show

    Phantom of the Tushy

    My Fair Tushy

    Tushy On The Roof

    Mamma Tushy

  34. The Tushy Warrior

    Desperately Seeking Tushy

    King Solomon’s Tushy

    The Greatest Tushy Ever Told