Contest- What was Hillary’s Email Password?

When our post about China hacking Hillary Clinton’s email account was posted to Twitter, responded with a question-

“What was her password? ‘Password”?

The question inspired this contest.

What was Hillary’s email password?



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  1. Imran Awan: Hillary. Use this as your password: Whyaren’tI50pointsahead?

    Hillary: That takes too long to put into any of my Blackberrys.

    Imran Awan: Okay. Let’s keep it super simple. Use this: Loser2016!

  2. So many people accessed that server the password was probably “GUEST” but her private password was “StrapOn”

  3. “Incorrect”.

    (A memory aid that was chosen because, whenever she forgot and entered the wrong password, the computer would respond with, “The password is incorrect”.)


  4. Perezagruzka (Russian word for reset, correct spelling)

    Or……Peregruzka, the way it was spelled on the button which really means overcharged. Probably more appropriate.

  5. @MJA:


    I’d have thought she’d pick for a password something she’d be frequently reminded of. I don’t think this quite qualifies! (-:


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