Convicted Pedo to Be Released From Jail After Becoming a Woman — No Longer Deemed a ‘Threat’


A convicted felon will be released from jail after undergoing a gender transition because Iowa authorities no longer view the repeat sex offender as a threat.

Joseph Matthew Smith, who according to court documents identifies as Josie, was transferred over the weekend to a Sioux City residential facility center ahead of her transitional release, the Storm Lake Times reported, citing a spokesman for the Iowa Department of Corrections.

The Iowa Attorney General’s Office will no longer pursue the incarceration of Smith, who was convicted in 2014 of molesting a fellow student at a residential treatment program.

According to a preliminary report prepared by the state’s expert, Smith molested as many as 15 victims — ranging in age from 1 to 15 — prior to being sentenced to prison in Dec. 2015.

The report, issued before Smith underwent her gender transition, recommended she be confined at the Cherokee Civil Commitment Unit for Sex Offenders.

However, the recommendation was based on her male sex drive. read more

20 Comments on Convicted Pedo to Be Released From Jail After Becoming a Woman — No Longer Deemed a ‘Threat’

  1. What about the punishment for the 15 counts is molestation? Just forgotten and forgiven? If one of my kids had been molested, I’d be waiting for him/her.

  2. It sure seems like behind the scenes there is a hidden authority or organization that is trying to get us reasonable, law abiding, normal Americans to crack and give the deep state a justification for really putting the hammer down or even declaring Marshall law. How else can you explain such insane decisions in so many jurisdictions?

  3. …I’ve known pedos, transported them to the hospital after they’ve gotten a richly deserved beat down, talked to them like a friend to get prosecutable evidence on them, seen them in court, and know what they’ve said even to LEOs, even to judges. They are quite unrepentant and even proud of their evil, as you would expect from a fully reprobate mind.

    Chemical and even physical castration doesn’t work, it just increases their anger and they violently use phallic objects like broomsticks and bottles…or guns.

    Sex isn’t the point, total physical and mental domination of a small, helpless human being is. Forced sex is just the best humiliation tool they have, the worst thing you can do to assert dominance over another short of killing them when they can’t even protect the most intimate parts of their own bodies. The pedo gets off on the control and the shaming, no penis needed.

    They have the highest recidivism rate of any group of offenders. They like what they’re doing, they’re proud of it, and they make no bones that they WILL do it again.

    Penis or no penis.

    The only cure is a bullet.

    I’ve also cleaned up the human wreckage they’ve left in their wake, watched their victims shrink from any contact, fake seizures to get away from molesters, try and fail, sometimes to the point of suicide, to rebuild their shattered lives.

    I’m in favor of giving the pedos that bullet.

    This guy’s not cured. He will rape again, as a female, as a male, doesn’t matter, his true gender is rapist. The fucker who let him out is probably himself a pedo, they do support and enable each other.

    This guy needs that bullet.

    …you would think with 15 victims, ONE father or mother would step up to the plate and administer it.

    It’s just a shame he wasn’t killed in prison.

    Probably why he pretended to be a woman in the first place.

    God will deal with him after death, true.

    But he needs to be sent to the Throne for that Judgment as soon as possible…

  4. “you would think with 15 victims, ONE father or mother would step up to the plate and administer it.”

    I would be *strongly* tempted but also know thai I’d be removing myself from my child’s life at precisely the moment she need me more than ever. That’s how terminally sick and evil the godless wicked have rendered society…they alone can administer what THEY deem justice; you’re guaranteed prison if you try it.

  5. First they transgender, then they become a full time understudy, working on the web. That’s how it begins. They utilize an online business opportunity they caught wind of and they’AM profited.

  6. The new and approved terminology that the leftists are pushing to replace the word “Pedo” is “MAP”. Minor Attracted Person. This is done in order to remove the stigma of pedophilia and to legitimize it as they try and do with every perversion known to man.

  7. If we the people took away the Sovereign Immunity of unelected, unaccountable Gummint bureaucrats, then we’d no longer have these insane decisions harming society

  8. …also, we are socially conditioned to trust women more around our children then men, and accept more physical contact between women and children than men and children, too. If this rapist is outwardly a woman, it’s a given that he will use that for better access to children, and even the kids might not immediately question a touch from what appears to be a mother figure.

    This bastard rapes 1 year olds. What if he voulenteers to a busy parent to help change a diaper, like getting work as a day care worker, nanny, or babysitter? It LOOKS like a woman, so it probably won’t be questioned.

    …and then the perv changing your daughter sees a nearby plasic toy with a rounded shaft, the centerpost for a set of stacking rings, perhaps, and…

    …I really, REALLY wish I didn’t know what I was talking about.

    But I do.

    This thing is not safe until it’s covered in dirt.

    And it’s not a woman, either. Cut off or stitch on what you will, chemically torch it, give it a dress, doesn’t matter.

    It’s not a woman.

    It’s a self-mutilated, mentally ill man.

    Previous generations would have simply hung it in the town square.

    Previous generations were right.

  9. Anonymous(grool)
    JANUARY 22, 2020 AT 3:10 AM
    ““you would think with 15 victims, ONE father or mother would step up to the plate and administer it.”

    I would be *strongly* tempted but also know thai I’d be removing myself from my child’s life at precisely the moment she need me more than ever.”

    …you are right, of course, @grool, and that is the rational thing to do.

    But it isn’t a rational situation.

    How many lives will this ruin? How many families will be destroyed? Statistically, just with the victims we KNOW about TO DATE, this ONE molester just made up to 15 NEW molesters, because victims tend to victimize later in life, if they don’t kill themselves first.

    As a temporal matter, you could either do nothing and the guy continues to rape and you KNOW it, but you get to stay home and watch your child bleed from a wound that will probably never heal; kill the guy publically, surrender immediately, and promethianly throw yourself on the mercy of a jury and hope they don’t convict, but expect that they will, and your wounded child doesn’t have you any more, or you play a more circumspect game where it’s your life’s work to rid the world of this guy, but with a high liklihood of failure and it would DEFINITELY be premeditation if caught.

    All lousy choices. Damn that man to hell, for that ALONE, and shove him DEEPER in the Lake of Fire for each child he raped.

    …but that’s temporal.

    …God would not approve, either.
    “Vengeance is Mine”, sayeth the Lord, and He wants ALL his children to have a chance to repent…even molesters.

    Ever seen “The Shack”? I don’t agree with EVERYTHING in it, but it makes some very valid points about forgiveness even in the face of some most foul acts.

    …so, your choices are, dude walks, looks like a woman, your child gets no justice, and he goes on to rape again.

    OR, you try to administer justice yourself, fail, most likely go to jail, dude still walks around free, and maybe decides to look your child up again since he knows YOU aren’t there to protect him.

    OR, you try to administer justice yourself, succeed, most likely go to jail, your child doesn’t have you any more, OTHER molesters, maybe even friends of his like this Judge KNOW you’re not there, and maybe pay a visit themselves. Meanwhile, you’ve ALSO set yourself on the road to hell, and may God have mercy on your soul, but there’s nothing in the Bible to suggest He WILL.

    …again, all lousy choices.

    …I’m just spitballing here, rubbing by woes together, and don’t really have any answers. But with the world as it us, NONE of us have ANY reasonable expectation of earthly justice any more, so ALL of us may face a time we HAVE to make a lousy choice.

    …one wonders when we will have had enough of the sick travesty of our failed court system, though, that allows and promotes this. One day, not long from now, we’ll ALL have some choices to make about what to do about THAT, too.

    Thank you for your thoughtfulness, though, @grool. I can always count on you to make sense.

    God Bless, SNS

  10. WTH does almost everyone go along with changing the pronouns. Refusing to do this (articles could write “she” or [he] instead) would go a long way toward countering this delusion.

  11. What does ‘based on a male sex drive’ mean? That’s brain damage, not hormonal issues.
    If it wasn’t a brain malfunction, then why aren’t all males with ‘male sex drives’ pedos?

    Judge needs to be beaten with a medical book.


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