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Cops Panic and Shut Down School For 2 Days After Someone Makes a Facebook Comment About a Transgender Student

A 7th grade boy, who thinks he’s a girl, used the girl’s bathroom on the first day of school in Oklahoma. 

Someone on a Facebook forum said this-

“If he wants to be a female, make him a female. A good sharp knife will do the job really quick.”

It’s a dumb comment, but one that does not pose a reality-based threat. If it did, why is the school being shut down for 2 days? Can’t the threat be carried out on day 3? It makes no sense. The police are grandstanding, publicly wringing their hands, in order to cause more drama.

Achille superintendent Rick Beene said the school is open to new resources for training.

“I need education; we all need to be educated. It’s certainly something that people didn’t deal with 20, 30 years ago,” he told News 4.

You know who needs to be educated?

The idiots who are anti-science and believe that if you think it, it is so. Boys are not girls if they believe they are girls.

If a boy is extremely feminine and acts and dresses like a girl, and is attracted to boys, can the boys in the school demand that this boy not be allowed in the boy’s room? The answer, in 2018, would be no because the boy believes he is a boy. But the effective result is that the boys have a girl in the boy’s room, irrespective of the genitalia. But this means little.

You see, it gets very complicated.

Wouldn’t the simplest way to solve this CRISIS (which is not a crisis) is to go to the restroom that matches your genitalia?

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11 Comments on Cops Panic and Shut Down School For 2 Days After Someone Makes a Facebook Comment About a Transgender Student

  1. Seems like the cops could investigate the little twerps parents for child abuse.

  2. He has been using the faculty bathroom for the last two years, but at the new school he went to the girls bathroom and was caught looking under the stall at a girl.

  3. A 7th grader (12-13yo) “thinks” he is a girl. In Oklahoma..!?! This sh!t is out of hand. When schools cater to early teens with their learned psychosis about their sexuality, it’s time to burn the schools down and start over.
    I’m at my breaking point..

  4. F4UCorsair – This shit started before 5th grade. Mom is F-d in the head. news and news has a video.

  5. refuse/resist they are making an all out push to normalize paedophilia now:

    Ean Lavallee was 5 years old when he attended his first drag show. After the show, recalled his mom, Beth Lavallee, he began telling both of his mothers that he wanted to perform drag. They encouraged him to talk to Hart.

    A few months later, in Hoquiam’s first all-ages drag show, Lavalle hit the stage as Stormy Skies, his first performance as a bio-king — a biological male performing as male. A month after that, he donned a silky blond wig and Aurea Sunshine was born, making her debut as a drag queen at a benefit for Beyond Survival, a local non-profit that supports sexual abuse survivors.

    “My favorite things are it helps people and some people don’t like it though, but it’s the best thing in the world. I love drag,” says Lavallee, who is now 7.

  6. Im glad my parents let me grow up to be a truck.

  7. At some time in the future he’ll be found in a pool of blood in some public mens room where he attempted to fondle a man in for a piss.

  8. Step 1. Arrest the parents for child abuse.

    Step 2. Explain to the child that HE was born junk that makes HIM a BOY and if HE wants to wear a dress and date other boys when HE turns 18 HE can always move to San Fran and there let His freak flag fly. But until that day HE has to use the boy’s bathroom and locker. Suck it up buttercup for the next 6 years and after that we don’t give a rats tail what you do- as long as you keep it to your self. If you go Ed Gein on us will string you up and shoot you dead.

    It’s really that simple.

  9. “I need education; we all need to be educated…”

    I have serious doubts that a legitimate threat was even made.
    That’s how they do it:
    1). Create a problem
    2). Provide solution

    How convenient. Now they can have workshops and classes for everyone. Probably mandatory, too.

  10. I always heard the hot dog was chasing the doughnut through the Lincoln Tunnel…does anyone know how it ended?!

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