Corsi Files Criminal Complaint Against Mueller

Breitbart –

Former InfoWars D.C. bureau chief Jerome Corsi filed a criminal complaint against special counsel Robert Mueller on Monday , accusing prosecutors of attempting to coerce him into providing “false testimony.”

Filed by Freedom Watch founder Larry Klayman, the complaint asks the Justice Department to launch a criminal and ethics investigation into the tactics of Mueller and investigators under him. More

17 Comments on Corsi Files Criminal Complaint Against Mueller

  1. …and it would now appear that Muller has a HUGE conflict of interests in the Corsi case.

    He should recuse himself.

  2. What do the mob and the Mueller investigators have in common?
    They use the same interrogation tactics.
    “You tell us what we want to hear and you’ll get off easy. Capiche?”

  3. It’s about time people start pushing hard back at Mueller and his team. His fruitless, endless digging and threats need to stop.

  4. Muller is, and has been, using the power of government against its own people. He’s not after Trump so much as he against Trump’s American supporters.

  5. Jellybean is dead on. Muller is after anyone who supports President Trump and staff. Voters need to wake up and stop looking and start observing politicians for who they actually represent after they are elected.

  6. No, Mueller is totally wrapped in U1. He’s up to his neck in it. In reality, Mueller is fighting for his life. Or at least his freedom.

  7. Tony R. Yes! A Go Fund Me for Jerome Corsi. I hope someone starts it. Imagine, just if all the deplorable, hay seed suckin,’ dumb son’s 0f bitches, Bible thumping, gun lovin’ bastards just gave $1.00? How about $5.00? Mr. Corsi could wipe the floor with these corrupt motherfuckers. Fogetaboutit!

  8. @Bad_Brad, Looks like the large pile of excrement is about to strike the rotary oscillator from four different directions.

  9. @BB Dont ya just love it. He must go to bed every night with a smile on his face.

    (And no, i’m not speaking of Mrs. Trump so get your mind out of the gutter)

  10. All GWB’s criminals should be in jail. Naming names of the leftist GWB’s crooks: Brennan, Clapper, Comey (who left the GOP (he was just as good Republican as any Bush was) last year), L. Lerner and his FBI Chief Mueller. All charlatans; like all Bush.


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