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Coulter Accuses Mike Lee of Flip-Flopping on Google After Company Expanded into Utah

Breitbart Tech: Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter noted today on Twitter that Utah Senator Mike Lee had a sudden change of opinion about Google once the company expanded into his state.

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) appeared on Fox News recently to discuss the issue of liberal tech companies encroaching on citizen’s freedom. Host Tucker Carlson discussed the growing list of issues with these tech companies saying, “it’s increasingly clear that tech giants are not just a threat to privacy, they are a threat to our basic American freedoms. For most people there’s not much you can do about it except get increasingly paranoid, Congress though can do a lot, it’s Congress after all.” Carlson then welcomed Lee who is the chairman of the subcommittee on antitrust competition, policy, and consumer rights.

Throughout the interview, Lee disagreed with Carlson’s assessment that large tech companies were now a bigger threat to citizens privacy than the government, and told Carlson if he had an issue with Google he could just “use another search engine.” Carlson argued that if he wants to find out information from the government he can simply use a FOIA request, whereas Google — which he describes as increasingly the “portal through which people understand reality” — has altered their search results to only return information they find amenable. Watch the full interview —:

Conservative author Ann Coulter noted Mike Lee’s hypocrisy in a recent tweet stating that Lee, “was once one of the biggest critics of Google. See this video of him grilling Eric Schmidt in 2011.” The video linked by Coulter features Lee harshly grilling former Google CEO Eric Schmidt about the company’s search results, particularly their Google Shopping feature which the company has faced harsh fines over in the European Union.  MORE HERE

7 Comments on Coulter Accuses Mike Lee of Flip-Flopping on Google After Company Expanded into Utah

  1. “use another search engine” ???
    Go fuck yourself, Mike Lee.
    Google’s not just a search engine. Google spreads like cancer through lots of services on the internet, including advertising. They don’t like you for whatever reason, you’re demonetized and your web links don’t go anywhere.
    To sum up, go fuck yourself, Mike Lee.
    Maybe Utah needs to use a different senator.

  2. The-Mamomma, before the 30 people (lol) got into the Republican race for ’16, I was disappointed that Lee didn’t run. But man, were my eyes opened shortly before Trump won the nomination. I voted for Cruz (Mike’s buddy) in the primary, but I voted for Donald J. Trump for president. No regrets.

  3. Like JR Ewing used to say, “When you buy a politician, you gotta make sure he stays bought!” By this, I’d say that Mike Lee has been bought lock, stock and barrel.

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