Court Overturns Conviction Of Five-Time Deported Immigrant Who Shot Kate Steinle

DC– A California court overturned the conviction Friday of a five-time deported homeless illegal immigrant who shot Kate Steinle in 2015. The 1st District Court of Appeals ruled that the trial judge erred in not giving the jury “the momentary possession instruction,” NPR reported.

“It is undisputed that defendant was holding the gun when it fired. But that fact alone does not establish he possessed the gun for more than a moment. To possess the gun, defendant had to know he was holding it,” the appellate court wrote, according to NPR.


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  1. …were she MY daughter, sister, wife or mother, there’d be a irrevocable summary judgement against the defendant, Democrats or no Democrats…

  2. And being a sanctuary state, what are the chances, ICE will get their hands on him and send him back where he came from? Probably already getting over his first hang-over after beating the wrap and warming up for another bender.

  3. Didn’t we talk about this one yesterday?

    Hijack Warning! On a similar note…

    More shoot-em-ups and any bets as to whether we’ll hear more from the gun control crowd when they won’t even convict an illegal for what happened on the subject of this thread? Also are we NOT gonna hear much about the shooters if it be they’re from the religion of piss? How many of these mental defectives are being groomed to do this crap (as in all of them)? So many questions?

    Note to self, buy tin foil need more hats.

  4. Never go to a Court of Law expecting to receive Justice. It’s a Court of Law. Judges dispense their version of the Law, not Justice. Judges don’t have to follow the Law, they get to interpret it. This poor dead woman and her family are the victims of California Judges dispensing their version of the Law, and the Judges consider it to be Justice.

  5. “To possess the gun, defendant had to know he was holding it,” the appellate court wrote, according to NPR.”

    He’d been holding it long enough to realize it was a gun, grab it by the grip instead of somewhere else, then put his finger on the trigger and pull it while pointing it away from himself so he didn’t get shot.

    If he hadn’t known he was holding a gun he wouldn’t have held it by the grip then put his finger on the trigger and point the barrel in some other direction than his own head or body.

  6. So whut are the odds that the gun just magically jumped into his hands two moments before he used it? And what exactly is a “moment”? Please define in milli-seconds so that we may establish an accurate threshold by which to determine any future magical events!!

  7. Anymouse was wrong again. We didn’t talk about it, I threw it up as a reply on the finger gun thread…

    Anymouse AUGUST 30, 2019 AT 11:17 PM
    Okay, conviction for a finger gun shooting, but…


    BREAKING: California Court Overturns Gun Conviction Against Illegal Immigrant In Kate Steinle Case!

    This is the state of our judicial system!

  8. ” His defense attorney Tony Serra said Garcia-Zarate may be tried locally on a state gun charge, according to NPR. ”

    Oh and he’s awaiting deportation, too. You know, like the last 5 times.

  9. Missing: judge’s name and by whom he was appointed.
    I’m tired of doing the digging because the answer is always the same Let me guess. Deep state judge appointed by either obama or clinton.

    Murdering illegal alien invader has more rights and access to government largesse than you do.

  10. Im sure u and i would get the same amount of coddling from these liberal ass courts seeinf as how we are natural born citizens and actually deserve to be here

  11. ^ exactly
    And following this bastardization of logic and justice… if I were to BRIEFLY, hold a buck knife and stab the five time convicted felon murderer in the neck 8 times, only to QUICKLY drop the knife (a knife that i don’t even own)…
    I mean according to the psychotic courts of California, you can’t try or convict me for manslaughter. 🙂

    /this is chuffed btw, I forgot to log in

  12. He is knowledgeable enough to sneak into our country and evade authorities five times but didn’t know what those thingamajigs on their belts were?

    Hasn’t watched a movie or TV in 40 years?

    Never heard what a war was?

    But he didn’t know what a gun was. The court’s ruling strains credulity because it is not based on reality. It was just a political opinion meant to make illegals feel safe and gaslight those who wanted justice served.

    Who else has ever used this defense in history. I didn’t know what a gun was but figured out how to activate it.

    Makes it sounds like he found a lamp out in the desert and thought if he rubbed it that a genie would come out and grant him three wishes.


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