A new study published this month in The American Journal of Medicine claimed those unvaccinated from the COVID-19 virus were more likely to get in traffic accidents, drawing outrage on Twitter. The study’s authors suggested insurance companies should make changes to policies of unvaccinated individuals.

“The observed risks might also justify changes to driver insurance policies in the future,” the Canadian researchers advised.

The principal investigator for the study, Dr. Donald Redelmeier at the Sunnybrook Research Institute, claimed his research “demonstrated traffic risks were 50%-70% more frequent for adults who had not been vaccinated compared to those who had.” 



  1. Did that study really say that because unvaxed people accounted for 25% of traffic accidents means that they have more accidents? Did I read that correctly? Please tell me I did not read that correctly.

  2. Oh, and here I was worried about people dieing suddenly while driving from the deadly fake vax. What a relief.
    I would drive a $500 car with no insurance before I’d take the clot shot.

  3. Remember that there have been a lot of people who “unexpectedly died” or became seriously ill due to vaccine injury, and a lot of those withing a few days of getting spiked. Driving while vaccine injured is sure to be dangerous¹.

    Then, remember that if it’s been less than two weeks since getting spiked, you’re tagged as UNVACCINATED.

    Now, let’s take another look at that “study”…

    1. But not as dangerous as driving while dead.

  4. So proud.
    Continuing to make asses of ourselves even without Turdeau.

    Ya see why I’m so disgusted with T.O.?

    We elected Turdeau (again)
    The Longest Lockdown in North America.
    Head Office for the CBC (Commie Broadcast Corp.)
    It just keeps going.

  5. One of my African line leads died while on an off ramp while driving to work. He had a passenger and told him he wasn’t feeling well, and would drop his passenger off at work and drive himself to the nearby hospital afterwards.

    Wrong on both counts.

    Good thing he had the passenger tho, because he was going to go headon into the morning on ramp traffic on the other side had his terrifed countryman not wrested the wheel from his recently cold, dead hands and steered it safely, if uncomfortably, into the copse of Highway Department trees near the bridge butt.

    Almost lost a freind the same way. He made it in but I got a text from the locker room and found him SOB, diaphoretic, and presentjng with classic chest pains. Got HIM to the nearby hospital via Little Red Truck and one beef heart valve and one terrified family later, he was able to retire alive, but it EASILY could have ended in a wreck as well.

    Never assume the driver next to you or behind you is actually controlling his vehicle.

    You could be dead wrong.

  6. Erik
    DECEMBER 14, 2022 AT 11:01 PM
    “How the fuck would Redelmeier know who was vaxxed and who wasn’t?”

    …interesting question, as its been my experience that they won’t even include vaxxx status in the autopsy reports.

  7. They are asking survivors of accidents if they were vaxxed when they go to the hospital. But what about people who were in accidents that don’t have to go to the hospital?

    This researcher is a world-class shitferbrians who had a conclusion and looked for a premise.

  8. Step right up folks! Every hour of every day we are discovering new and unbelievable excuses for healthy vaccinated people to DIE! And, how to blame those deaths on the unvaccinated! You’ll be thrilled and excited to learn that:
    -Eating more than one banana a week causes sudden unexplained death syndrome.
    -Watching Tom Cruise movies while microwaving popcorn causes sudden unexplained death syndrome.
    -Doing laundry on the 3rd Thursday of every month causes sudden unexplained death syndrome.
    -Driving your Mother-in-Law to the Bingo Hall causes sudden unexplained death syndrome.
    -And remember, even if you are a lumberjack it doesn’t mean you’re okay.

  9. I’m with Erik how would they know who isn’t jabbed?

    I just learned of another young person 36, another HS classmate of my daughter’s. He had at least the first two shots awhile ago, unknown if he received a booster. He lived alone, been divorced for more than a few years. He talked to his Dad on the phone on his day off, he told his Dad he had woke up with a head cold and was just going to stay around the house that day and get caught up on laundry and cleaning. That he would come over the next morning. He never showed up, Dad kept calling him and he didn’t answer phone. So Dad went to check on him as he always kept his phone on him. Found him dead, medical examiner just ruled it as complications from Covid since he had cold symptoms the day before.

    I’ve had many head colds in my day, never died from one. However if you had read the mrna animal studies, if the animals didn’t die right after getting them or weren’t euthanized when they developed massive tumors, they died as soon as they gave them the virus they vaccinated them for.
    Cold=coronavirus, so now the common cold can kill you.

    I believe we’re two years in since it was released, doctors that were silenced said 3 years max before they would die if they got mrna.

  10. Everybody died from chink-flu, but nobody died from the gates/fauci/nwo-vaxxx.

    Like that shit movie…

    “Knock knock…

    Who’s there?

    Go fuck yourselves!”

  11. @Mrs radiomattm …..Thanks, now I’ve got an ear worm. I won’t be able to sleep and I’ve suddenly got a desire to apply at the recent vacancy at the DOE……HAHAHAHAHA…

  12. BFH
    DECEMBER 14, 2022 AT 11:11 PM
    “They are asking survivors of accidents if they were vaxxed when they go to the hospital. ”


    I ran the streets for 10 years and never once asked my patients any political questions.

    And I don’t recall asking my patients if they had their DTP vaccine or Hep-C shots or anything else like that either. I would ask about RECENT shots as that was germane to possible anaphylaxic reactions, but other than that, maybe Tetanus but only in context of their injury and the liklihood they might need one. When I did my hospital time even the clinician rarely went much further unless they thought there was more info needed for a differential diagnosis.

    Also, as the Dr. House character used to say, people lie. Unless your getting your accident victim’s vaxxxx papers out on scene or testing what strange things may be swimming in their blood, there’s no way to know if they are.

    All that said, I’m kind of torn. Were I on the Magic Bus now, I think I would want to know that, not for the nefarious purposes of the State but because it DEFINITELY seems to be a “Died Suddenly” risk, which you DO want to guard against when taking folks to the hospital. Also, in my much reduced modern role, I DO ask around a bit after a critical incident, as I get kind of curious when a 19 YO dies suddenly on me or a 22 YO presents with decerebate posturing and angina worthy of an 80 YO and later miscarries at the hospital. It doesn’t really serve any purpose but I don’t like it when things get seriously sideways and do want to see if anything could have been done differently to affect outcomes.

    That said, at least in CAN and probably soon in the States you CAN be excluded from medical care if you didn’t get your political injection, and were I transporting a patient I would not want to facilitate that. The shots keep NO ONE safe so it isn’t of particular MEDICAL significance beyond the huge clot potential, and “the soience” won’t even admit to THAT.

    Let the political, cowardly “doctors” do their own danm research.

    I, for one, would not facilitate them doing harm.

    By action or inaction.

  13. No one is buying this anymore. I saw the article title and found it on Yahoo purposely to see the comments. There were 5k and I only looked at the first page but it was sheer mockery to disbelief. The best I saw was something along the lines of I’m extremely pro-vax and I find this hard to believe. They’ve jumped the shark. This might have sadly been embraced by the brain washed a year ago but it isn’t taking anymore and people are seeing how absurd their propaganda is. And that shot uptake isn’t moving much.

  14. I would laugh if I weren’t already crying just a little. A quote from Blazing Saddles ‘You’re on your own, son’.

    They won’t let us agree to disagree and they hold all the temporal power. They seek to drive compliance by any means necessary, this not just the shots, but on many contentious subjects.

    There is an element of the population that will resist coercion on any ground and that element can only truly be found through the most intense application of coercion.

    How far will they go with these schemes?


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