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“Coyote vs. Acme” Nearly Over the Cliff

After it was reported that Warner Bros. was writing off “Coyote vs. Acme” rather than release it this summer, a ground swell of objection built towards the studio’s decision to shelve a finished film. Here

Now it seems the live action/animated comedy is going to be streamed and evaluated whether it’s worth the price of acquisition. If you have any of these streaming services and would like this film to actually see the light of day, be sure to watch and (hopefully) comment positively about the movie. Here

If it’s as good as they are saying I would be willing to park my butt in a movie theater this Summer for it. It sounds funny and hopefully, Jonn Cena gets an anvil dropped on his head. – Dr. Tar

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  1. One of the greatest lies introduced to me as a child. A Roadrunner can run 17 to 19 mph. A Coyote can reach the low 40’s. Wile E. could have had roadrunner for dinner every time he ran across from one of them.

  2. I saw an actual live road runner once on my way to dinner outside of the NAS Miramar chow hall on Thanksgiving Day 1974. Miramar is a semi-arid desert area N. of San Diego, so it was probably in its native habitat. It was a strange looking bird and the only time that I ever saw a road runner. No coyote though, darn.

  3. “I say, I say boy” who doesn’t like Foghorn Leghorn. Ol Foggy originated from the old Fred Allen radio show with a Southern Senator named Senator Cleghorn who was an immense blowhard, who was always bloviating nonsensical utterances about everything.

  4. Back in the early 80’s, National Lampoon ran 2-3 articles about the Coyote suing Acme. I seem to remember they were pretty funny. I’d see that movie. Any Loony Tunes cartoon beats any Disney cartoon every time!


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