CFP: What’s happened to the DRUDGE REPORT?

DRUDGE‘s move to the Land of Tabloidia has been underway for some time now. It didn’t start with Trump. Can’t be blamed on him.

Canada Free Press:

To borrow a line from a Buffalo Springfield song, “There’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear.”

Have you noticed what’s been happening on the DRUDGE REPORT?

It’s gone tabloid—as in “featuring stories of violence, crime, or scandal presented in a sensational manner.” Add “bizarre” to the list.

For evidence of relocation, we need only examine the articles teased on the site’ home page beginning at 1000 hrs., on 22 August 2019. MORE

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  1. I quickly check Drudge on occasion and then double check to see if I accidentally punched in The Huffington Post by mistake. It’s getting difficult to distinguish the difference.

  2. Noticed how many of the sources he quoted don’t have comments sections. No conservative voices to defend the truth!

  3. It is beyond moving to tabloids.
    He is now fully against Trump and conservatives.
    Always links from far left sources, sometimes even flat out propaganda articles, and if that is not already bad, he adds his own clickbait headlines.
    If he is not linking to the far left, you’ll see links to articles attacking the church, or Christian politicians, and the rest is his weird and unusual obsession with prolonging life, Robots! and few weird stuff like that.
    He is not even remotely a conservative, just an opportunist who now thinks he is a king maker or something like that.
    The problem with whatfinger and other sites, they are run by a bunch of people who have yet to discover how RSS feeds work. That is why they are not that popular. People would not be able to add them to their favorite feed reader on their mobile devices, phones and tablets. No one scrolls through all the pages to read. If you do that, they more power to you.

  4. Haven’t been to Drudge for about 5 yrs now. BUT, Matt broke the “Stain on Blue Dress” story and for that we should all be grateful.

  5. Matt has a headline now where he labels Joe Walsh a “conservative.” What a maroon!


  6. Who dafuq is Drudge?

    (ducks shoe thrown by BFH)

    Is there any other website than iOTWReport?

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Started to notice the leftward swing a couple of years ago…won’t ever visit now…it has gone full commie and has no believable content.

  8. He’s just trying to buy a little more time for when all news aggregators are banned from the Internet. If he moves from politics to puke, he flies a little under the radar.

    Say Hello to 1984 and Goodbye to us all.

  9. Drudge is a businessman above all else. He’s not above political ideology when it comes to the almighty dollar. He made a buttload of cash in the run up to 2016, so apparently he believes it’s time to tap the progressives.

  10. I gave up on Drudge years ago when they became all click-baity. That tends to drive me off of any web sight. Whatfinger is in the same group.

  11. Add to that the super annoying refreshing rate to drive up hits, and then stealing peoples graphics and removing the watermarks.
    Not a good guy.

  12. I’m pretty sure The Hollywood Reporter owns Drudge.
    I post weird news here, but it’s just to throw in some laughs in between the serious stuff.
    Drudge just went 24/7 with crazy.

  13. I unbookmarked Drudge a long time ago when every article I clicked on was sourced from CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC or Reuters or Associated Press. If I wanted my news from those dirtbags I’d start watching TV again. That means buying a TV. Not worth it. There are better places to find news that isn’t bullshit than Drudge.


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