Pepe: Hong Kong Protests’ Symbol of FREEDOM

That leaves the Left… even more confused.

8 Comments on Pepe: Hong Kong Protests’ Symbol of FREEDOM

  1. The Chinese government is having trouble crushing the rebellion but their new friend google will soon be to the rescue. They’ll provide assistance in isolating communication and planting false stories to confuse the rioters.
    A spokesman for Google stated to reporters that “Trump needs to keep his nose out of this.”

  2. Yep! THEY fly the American flag, while Antifa here flies the Soviet flag.
    Gotta just shake your head.

    How this (HK/PRC) is all going to play out is fascinating.

  3. Pity the poor chinks.

    Mao murdered some 80 Million of em, and I’m fairly certain that the present Oligarch (dictator) won’t hesitate to murder 2 Million.
    The fact is: there’s no shortage of chinks.
    Mass murder’s been part of their history since the beginning.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. I hope the PRC doesnt roll in the tanks. It won’t be the chink in their armour we are hoping for.


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