Epstein’s New Mexico Ranch Has Story to Tell, Official Says

Epoch Times: Recently deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s secluded “Zorro Ranch” property in New Mexico is drawing attention, as state authorities there say they are cooperating with investigators and have already handed over 400 pages of Epstein’s property records.

The documents, which may contain names of Epstein’s alleged co-conspirators, were handed to investigators by New Mexico Public Lands Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard. Matt Baca, the spokesman for New Mexico’s attorney general, said in July that state officials were interviewing people who allege they were sexually abused at Epstein’s ranch.

In an interview with CBS News on Aug. 22, Garcia Richard said she hoped that by cooperating with investigators, more alleged victims of Epstein would be able to come forward. She added, “there is a story to be told in New Mexico.”

Part of Epstein’s New Mexico property is on land he leased from Richard’s office.

“To say that it was heart-wrenching and sickening to see this man’s signature on state land office documents is an understatement,” Garcia Richard said.

While Epstein didn’t face criminal charges in New Mexico, he was accused in a 2015 court filing in Florida of sexually abusing a 15-year-old girl in several locations, including New Mexico.

His “Zorro Ranch” covers thousands of acres that included a massive million-dollar home that sits at the center of the property located in a rural desert area. Aerial images of the property show an airplane hangar and landing strip. Closer to the east edge of the property, several structures that appear to serve as small homes and horse stables stand in public view.

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9 Comments on Epstein’s New Mexico Ranch Has Story to Tell, Official Says

  1. Might explain the recent Governor Bill Richardson stories about young girls naming him as a “client” of Epstein.

  2. Sorry but I don’t have too much pity on these girls. They probably left some young guy back home heartsick because they were chasing the spotlights. I don’t see them as much different than prostitutes.
    I’m not defending Epstein, the guy was a world class creep and cheated the hangman as far as I’m concerned but the greed and selfishness of those girls helped make it all possible.

  3. First Groening, now this. Another nothing story to overfamiliarize the public into neutrality, boredom, and forgetting the island where powerful people who control our lives, but will never be named, are complicit in this.

  4. Now ask yourseff – was this shit a secret?

    Governors, Presidents, Potentates, the Rich, and the Famous ALL traveled to Epstein to pay homage to perversion. This is all too similar to the fact that pederasty and pedophilia are rampant throughout Hollyweird – everyone averts his gaze, but the facts remain.
    Money talks, shit walks.
    Judges, Lawyers, Government Officials, Cops, Administrators, Social Services, FAA, Coast Guard, DHS, the Media, all the people, in fact, who facilitated the Clintons importing drugs into Mena, had to be accessories to Epstein’s (et al) travels to and from Pedo Island.

    Try it. Buy or rent an airplane and carry drugs and little girls into and out of the country without this backup! You’ll be in the can before you can say “Boo!”
    Now the co-conspirators are lying low, waiting for the heat to die down now that Epstein’s been “suicided,” so that they can emerge from under their rocks to pursue their dreams unimpeded by Law or the Media. The “Swamp” isn’t just a den of thieves – it’s much more.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. And this means what? No one will be held to account for Epstein’s misdeeds. You can’t prosecute a dead man, and if they’re implying his properties/assets will be liquidated and distributed to the victims, good luck with that. No one can untangle the web of his financial “wealth”, which was precisely the point.


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