One man’s year long struggle just to walk again

Bryan Kidwell
Last year I suffered a serious spinal cord injury which left me paralyzed from the neck down. Yesterday was my one year anniversary. My wife surprised me with this video:

‘One year ago today, I almost lost you. You got a second chance at life. Here’s my gift to you’

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  1. She did all that, even before they were married — WOW!! True Love — they are both inspirational!

  2. (sniff!) Damn, it got dusty here all of a sudden. Where’s my kleenex?
    Congrats to both of them. The struggle to rise again after being knocked down was long and arduous, but worth it. They have a long bright future ahead of them. (sniff!)

  3. Wow, did I ever need to see that today. I don’t get down very often because of my limitations, but today I did. Thanks BFH. This video snapped me out of sadness and a tad of self pity.

    YW – bfh

  4. He found the right woman. When my late brother-in-law came down with a mystery illness. His then wife was outta there in a flash.

    Old Japanese proverb: Fall down seven. Stand up eight.

    (at least that is one way, and the most memorable & elegant way, the original is translated)

  5. Today I have no problems. I get down because of some limitations, sometimes. This brought tears to a tough ol’ biker. Dammit BFH. I needed this. Thanks

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