Crazy Lady might’ve lifted her Bergdoff Goodman rape tale from episode of Law & Order

Go to minute 42.

23 Comments on Crazy Lady might’ve lifted her Bergdoff Goodman rape tale from episode of Law & Order

  1. She reminds me of the caller to a radio show or tv show during the OJ Simpson trial where he was claiming to be there. He said “I see OJ..and he’s scared” dude was faking it but the station ran with it, pretty funny.

  2. Another unsubstantiated nothing news burger rushed out via our MSM. They don’t seem to make any attempt to verify any wacko who wanders in off the street. Jay Leno always had good spotters who could see them coming a mile away, but the evening news…not so much.

  3. From the looks of her she might have been raped by someone when she was in her stall. She’s below Mr. Ed’s standards, so I suspect the Democrat Donkey.

  4. So desperate to smear Trump they stoop to exploiting the clinically insane. The albino homosexual only accomplished creating a complete spectacle on primetime.

  5. Too bad she didn’t reenact the role of any teenage victim in any of the “Final Destination” movies. Now that’s a news headliner.

  6. Holy cow, BFH! You’re a regular Colombo! This is definitely life imitating art. Great catch. It seems very plausible that Ms. Carroll lifted her idea from Law and Order!

  7. Looks a lot like that ugly actress Glenn Close who played the evil bunny boiling mistress in Fatal Attraction.
    Not his type.

  8. Time to establish Jussie Smollett Awards for false accusers!
    Categories include:
    –Boldest False Racism Charge
    –Most Absurd False Rape Charge

  9. ‘I didn’t think anyone watched Law & Order SVU.’
    Know I stopped after Stabler was fired for tossing a tennis ball out a 6-story window and Noah chased it. Olivia is a horrid mother. BTW and BTS, Mariska Hargitay : it’s 2019, hip huggers left you a long time ago,,,


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