Critically injured ISIS leader calls on subhumans to attack the West

That’s his death bead wish.

Dan Bongino: ISIS Leader Releases Audio Calling for More Attacks on the West.

ISIS leader Abu Baker al-Baghdadi has released an audio message titled “Do Deeds” and calls for terror attacks on the West. Baghdadi is believed to be “badly injured” and in failing health, according to The Sun. In the 30 minute clip he calls on jihadis “to resist and lead the fight for five years” as well as “hold good and work as the pioneers of Islam…the results are in the hands of Allah…winners or vanquished your plan is outstanding with him.”

Less than five months ago, al-Baghdadi released a video to let supporters know he is still alive after he was left badly wounded in a 2017 air strike. “Experts believe that the frequency of the messages could be a sign that Baghdadi is critically ill and is attempting to rally his followers before he passes away” reports The Sun. MORE

11 Comments on Critically injured ISIS leader calls on subhumans to attack the West

  1. What offends me most is Muslims subtlety; it seems we westerners might take more appropriate steps if only they were more forthcoming. /s

  2. Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, abu baker man.
    Bake me a yellow cake as fast as you can
    Pat it, and prick it, and mark it with “M-O-A-B”
    And put it in the oven for Al-Baghdadi and me!

  3. Hmm, I’m torn.

    Did he say WHICH U.S. cities to attack? Oh who am I kidding, I wouldn’t care at all anyway.



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