Now the so-called “journalists” are blaming the “victim”

Patriot Retort:

Good grief.  This New York Times crap story about Brett Kavanaugh just keeps getting worse and worse.  The two so-called “journalists” responsible for this hot mess first blamed their editor for the story not including the salient fact that the alleged “victim” has absolutely no recollection of this supposed “sexual assault.”

Now, these so-called “journalists” are blaming the “victim” herself.
I wish I was kidding.

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  1. This story says that both Kavanaugh and the girl were drunk and that unnamed others pulled down his pants and thrust his penis into her hand. That would make both K and the girl victims of a sexual assault. But since no one remembers this event except someone selling a book who needs a big splashy intro to cover their advance, the story has no credibility.

  2. Trump had caused them to have a nervous breakdown, they have completely lost their damn minds. I’ve seen diagnosed nervous breakdown as it went down and this is exactly what it looked like.

  3. Hold on. A caller into Larry O’Connor. WMAL Says that one of the authors of the book’s mother was one of the founders of Ms. Magazine. So she’s been steeped in radical feminism her whole life.

    There is much more to this story. Stay tuned.

  4. How about we bring this farce to its logical conclusion.

    The journos raped the editors who omitted facts from their story, only they can’t recall which editors due to themselves being stoned.

    Yeah, I know it’s ridiculous….much like their ever changing story.

  5. As if we needed more proof that the “basket of deplorables” comment was pure projection, the Marxists and their useful idiots just keep getting more and more deplorable every day.

  6. Phuck the MSM, they are, (at the very least), the mouth-piece for the Dems.
    Although it can easily be said they are LEADING the lying, hateful, non-capitulating, commie party of Satan.

  7. Dig in deep, this is only the beginning of a somewhat ending for some and the beginning for others.

    We are watching an avalanche of sorts and the damage is not good, for them, the ones who betrayed America, the Fourth Estate.

    Who coined that term anyways??



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