Lewandowski takes frustrated Nadler on a wild ride during impeachment hearing

BPR: Anyone hoping for fireworks at today’s House Judiciary Committee hearing was not disappointed.

Democrats brought former Trump Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski to testify before the Judiciary Committee. The move is part of a strategy to nail Trump on the long-debunked Russian collusion and obstruction allegations that didn’t pan out for Dems during former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s lackluster testimony.

Since Lewandowski is not a government employee, Dems were hoping to pull an “end run around Trump’s executive privilege assertions,” Darren Samuelsohn and Kyle Cheney reported for Politicoback in June.

Samuelsohn noted on Twitter as Lewandowski took the stand, his testimony might be something Democrats would come to regret. At least, according to Fox News contributor Joe diGenova, who was reportedly relishing the day when Lewandowski would be called to testify.

“If they want to call Corey [Lewandowski], that’d be their biggest mistake,” diGenova added. “Ooohoo! I hope they do it. They’re going to regret it.”

Somewhere, diGenova is likely smiling.

Lewandowski was furiously accused by Dems of running out the clock as he demanded a copy of the report Rep. Jerry Nadler was citing before answering questions.

Nadler was not prepared for that as can be seen in the first part of the fiery exchange below:

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  1. The ‘rant’ line was a major salvo return to Lee.

    Speaking of which, can we remove her name? Like statues?

    It, she, is OFFENSIVE to me.

    Robert E Lee is in Cullum Hall at West Point as a former Superintendent, his plaque is there.

    I wondered about things, as I gazed at it.

  2. I watched the vid and the funniest thing was some congressperson in a woman’s voice was talking and then they put the camera on them and it was a dude. Never heard a dude with a voice like that in my life.

    but what can i expect when it’s democrat congressmen. The whole party is mentally disturbed. I doubt there’s a single person in the party that even knows for sure what sex they are.

  3. Talk about a freakin’ ground soldier! ON the front line taking fire.

    Or, for others, a battleship taking on kamikazes.

    Or still, an A-10 Wartharg taking flack and straffing the crap out of what is in front of it.

  4. I watched several of the outtakes. Lewandowski was George Foreman and the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee were a bunch of Peewee Herman’s. I was laughing so hard at the butt hurt he was dishing out. Can’t wait for the full highlight reel.

  5. New Hampshire, the LIve Free or Die state, would be taking a big step forward with Corey. I looked up their Senators ,and I hadn’t heard of either of them.

  6. Corey Stewart properly disemboweled NoNads. Terrific stuff.

    You’re a congressman. Pretty much a nobody. And the most disheveled and inarticulate pile of dirty laundry on Capitol Hill.

    You lose, shit stain.

  7. It was a thing of beauty. He told the Fat Bastard to F. off. And many others also.
    This is what we need to combat the left every day.
    You want to play games, we know how to play the game better than you. He showed it today.
    We need him in the Senate. All of you in New Hampshire go and help him out,when he starts his campaign, go to his head quarters and say I am here to help. They will put you to work. You will not regret it. And then when President Trump comes to town you will have a front row seat and have a chance to meet him. President Trump will be there to help him out you can bet on it.
    Don’t pass it, up you will meet like minded people and have a lot of fun.
    We need all hands on deck in 2020.

  8. Howie Carr played some clips from this on his show today. Hilarious!! I am going to find the video this weekend and watch it.

  9. A whole new respect. This guy is awesome. I’m almost certain Eric Swallowswell is crying in his wife’s arms tonight uncontrollably. It was pretty obvious Corey lit his tender ass up. “Don’t Nuke Me Man”

  10. @Uncle Al – what would you recommend then?? An Amendment for…corruption, the Deep State?? Do we not have current laws about this…already??

    @Whitey White – the country was in infancy when the AoC were written, states had their own currency for crying out loud.

    Can we not scrap what was NOT good to? While maybe a great start, the AoC was not a cohesive document. All the reps at the Constitutional Convention basically disowned it.

  11. I’ve been having so much fun on Twitter today; watching all the clips of Corey setting the Ds butts on fire! Will need to look up the full video to make sure I don’t miss one second of this brilliant D-slayer!

    New Hampshire, please elect this guy as your senator! I want to see more of his spit-fire!

  12. C,

    Please clarify the D word! Or at least put the word head in after the D…

    I do not know enough about NH pols to know if he has a chance or not, there are plenty of libs up there, I know… two.

    It also has become a haven for Bostonian Privileged White Libs for the past twenty five plus years.

    Just like Vermont became a haven for NYer’s.


  13. To Ghost, his name is Bernie Sanders…

    He went from Crooklyn to Burlington vis a via the Soviet Union and Coooba, amazing how that works??

    ‘Dis ain’t your fadder’s Vermont, gawt that?’ – Bernie S.

  14. yes, Yes, YESSSSS!! LMAO for minutes. Looking forward to more now. The chair recognizes Senator Lewendowski (R) from the great state of New Hampshire.

    I think the penguin wants to be chairman so he can bang the gavel since he cant bang anything else

  15. Hank Johnson once again provides proof he’s as articulate as a clam. Some nonsense about fish and spoons I’m still trying to dissect.
    Then we had the gorilla Sheila Jackson Lee {with a straight face} share with us her deep love for the constitution and rule of law.
    The fun didn’t stop there, we had Nadler sputtering away while being interrupted by a congressman with a womans voice and the zany Swalwell squeaking about the Russians again.
    The whole thing was a laugh riot.

  16. Tour de Force, a lion against jackels…I merely died when he said he was a good looking man, President Swawell, not a privileged Harvard grad, did She Is a Dumb Ass Lee have an actual question! Priceless…

    Basket proved himself to be the clueless, bumbling, jackass and the whole TDS fiasco keeps driving Trumpus Magnificus support to the polls. As Q likes to say: these people are stupid.

  17. I watched the entire clown show…he made Matt Whitaker look like a pansy (and Whitaker frustrated the bejesus out of them).
    From the rant comment to SJL, President Swalwell, touting his 2 best seller books (available at bookstores near you), to the coup de gras, when questioned by high powered NY atty Barry Berke. Berke got absolutely no where with Corey, in fact, a game of smash mouth ensued.


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