Critics Hate the New Jennifer Garner Action Film Because……………… it’s racist……

There are no Mexican gangs or drug cartels where people get murdered, apparently. And if there are you certainly shouldn’t depict it in a film.

Here’s the trailer-


Here are some excerpts of the unintentionally hilarious reviews-

-Yet Garner is saddled with a director who doesn’t know how to stage a fight (let alone a minute of genuine emotion), and bad-hombre villains plucked from the fever dreams of Donald Trump.

-the script’s glaring issues is its tendency to lean heavily on every single offensive stereotype attributed to the Latinx community, and even create some of its own. A jingoistic Trump supporter’s wet dream, this tale is almost impressively racist. It feels like a dusty relic from an era of overt bigotry we’ve tried to leave buried in the past.

-Part of that is the film is drastically tone deaf to the world we live in. Every person Riley, a middle-class white woman, kills on screen is Hispanic except for a corrupt judge. Now, of course, the Mexican cartel is going to be mostly Latino, but in the climate we live in right now it just gets really awkward. One can’t help but conjure up images of a person actually taking the law into their own hands and blowing away the “bad guys,” whoever they think they are. Fifteen years ago maybe that flew, but now, especially in a movie with no other redeeming value, it feels like blatant racism.

-we’ve got a suburban white woman wiping out a bunch of evil (and largely incompetent) Latino men. Even though there are a couple of Latinx people on the side of the angels, and a couple of white baddies in the mix, the conflation of L.A. Latin culture (even piñatas – come on!) with amorality is pretty icky.

– what happens when a hardworking white mother has her daughter “permanently taken” (to use a disgusting parlance of our time) by a group of brown immigrant thugs. A carful of gangbangers (not explicitly stated as MS-13, but they have the “MS” face tattoos), targets the Norths while they’re at a Christmas carnival, killing the father and Carly. The young girl was holding a Peppermint ice cream cone as she was gunned down. The father had chocolate, but I guess no one cares.

-Before long, Peppermint‘s true purpose emerges: to trade on the phobias of audiences inundated with MS-13 panic and “it’s coming for your town next” crime rhetoric,

-Director Pierre Morel’s PEPPERMINT is not only fear-mongering rhetoric at its laziest (a la the latest DEATH WISH), but also a poorly-constructed action film that does no one any favors. Representation (which is reprehensible anti-Latino propaganda when the filmmakers could have easily gone with an unspecified gang instead) is the least of the Pandora’s Box of problems.


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  1. Why dont we all start from the obvious that black and brown cultures are murderous and rapist….violent in the extreme and we can work from there.

  2. I hadn’t planned on seeking out this film, they’ve been running the promos for it endlessly on YouTube the last few weeks. Now that I see how the social elites have take offense at the depiction of Mexican drug cartel with actual Mexicans, I may have to give it a chance.

  3. Time for a new super hero, Zhee SJW to hit the scene. Wearing his Antifa style outfit, but also donning a Pride Rainbow cape, Zhee SJW can troll White Nationalists on Twitter, those white villains who culture appropriate Mexican cuisine for dinner on a semi-monthly basis.

    Zhee SJW will also don the mask to fight evil right of center Nazis who declare all people have equal opportunity to be successful in life. Zhee SJW’s weapons of choice to fight the hate are balloons filled with urine and hidden illegal batons.

    Oops, forgot that Zhee SJW has a sidekick named Beta.

  4. I don’t know if the movie is any good, but I *loved* the trailer!

    (Here goes my ban of Hollywood….)

    Have any of those reviewers, I wonder, ever looked at Breitbart Texas?
    Shee-it! …Lady in Red

  5. I wasn’t interested before because I hated the Taken films, and because this seems like yet another movie jumping on the John Wick craze.

    But now I’m gonna have to see it. Darn.
    Anything to spit in the faces of the people who say that the emperor has new clothes.

  6. An often overlooked component of the typical Good Guy/Bad Guy movie is the villain- The better (i.e. worse) his character, the better the Good Guy.
    Consider for instance Heath Ledger’s Joker, Wallace Shawn in Princess Bride, Rutger Hauer in Die Hard, Paul Giamatti in Shoot ’em Up. There are numerous others of course.
    Pushed to a extremes the villains can become cartoonish, like Boss Hogg or Dr Evil.
    A twist: In Tarantino’s original Dusk ’till Dawn, you will find that you’re pulling for the Bad Guys!

    Not sure if this has any bearing on Jennifer’s new movie.
    But if she’s wearing a catsuit I can dig it!

  7. From the director of Taken. Gee, what a surprise.

    I ran a 5k 2 or 3 years ago, fun run with a bunch of kids. Saw an attractive woman. About 5 seconds later I realized it was JGarn. What’s funny is that a friend was watching me, and told me later that she could tell exactly when I realized who it was. Of course she had already realized it.

  8. The problem is that while white moviegoers are quite happy to see a stereotypical “crazy rich Asian” movie, there are so few Latino-oriented films that portray Latinos as even “normal” people (and the few that do white moviegoers don’t care to see anyways to get “educated” about people they believe are “beneath” them), that “A-list” action movies like this tend to “confirm” ugly anti-Latino stereotypes. Feminist “heroes” mowing down stereotyped male Latinos is just another example of racist fantasy serving the interests of a feminist revenge fantasy. I live in Seattle, and I can tell you that behind the facade of “progressiveness” is a culture of prejudice against Latinos, because hypocrites have to have someone to look down on or hate if they fear to do it openly against blacks.

  9. I loved the Death Wish series. It is cathartic to see “justice” happen.

    Another great movie, little known, is The Long Kiss Goodnight with Geena Davis as a female 007-type — with amnesia. Lovely killer action with both knives and guns…. My most favorite scene is Geena tied, spread-eagled, to a water wheel, and the bad guys are about to off her. On her next to last rise out of the icy water, she says, “Make you a deal. Let me go, now, and I’ll leave you the use of your legs.” ….smile…. They laugh. She kills ’em all.

    Stuff like that can help you sleep. ….smile… ….Lady

  10. Latinx? Is this some kind of throat disease?

    Well, I don’t think many Trump supporters will watch the movie either. I remember Jennifer Garner as a loud Hillary supporter. She was even using her daughter to promote Hillary and feminism.

  11. Jennifer Garner had a child with Ben Affleck. Never watched or followed her before and only thing I ever have heard about her since is fighting over child support and visitation with an overrated drunk.

  12. Hey Mark: You might want to check the prison population statistics in WA. Sometimes stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason.

  13. Yeah baby! This movie is going to make buku bucks because conservatives will go and see it. I’m also willing to bet many law-abiding legal hispanics will also go see it.

  14. I remember when I was in College and a fellow student lectured us about the racism on the movie Ghost, “notice how the demons are black!!11”.

    Well, that’s the same person who on the first day interrupted a teacher to let her know that the term “carte blanche” is also racist.

  15. Hey Brad, I was going through that list and it occurred to me that it would be a shorter list to have a pro 2nd amendment rights list. And the celebrities, how many of them have appeared in one form of media or another shooting, or at least holding a weapon?

  16. If the whiners don’t want Hispanics portrayed as drug dealers in the movies they should change reality – go to Central and South America and lobby the drug cartels to – Just Stop It.

    Or better yet take the opportunity to flip Nike on its head and tell the drug cartels to –
    Just Don’t Do It. Take a Knee.

    Oh, and the critics seem to left out that Riley punched out her snooty white neighbor as soon as she opened her front door. Then made her wet her pants when she threatened to burn her house down with her still inside.

  17. How plausible is a white gangbanger film?
    Not very. Not really.
    So the producer cannot win.
    Any gang with plausibility will cause the liberal reviewer cabal to have palpitations.

  18. Just got home from seeing it with my Latin wife who loved the movie. Second favorite movie of the year only second to Mission Impossible.

  19. ” It feels like a dusty relic from an era of overt bigotry we’ve tried to leave buried in the past.”

    I long to return to such a time, actually. If someone was a bigot, who cares? If you didn’t like the person’s views, you didn’t associate with them; move on, no one got hurt. No one walked around offended because they weren’t trained to walk around looking for an offense. It’s a great big world, we knew we would encounter unpleasant, uncouth people in life. We survived the “Archie Bunkers” of our day. Gasp.

    Today, people’s lives are ruined by reckless accusations of imagined racism and bigotry and CEOs have to apologize for eating a chicken sandwich at Chic-fil-a. I’ll take the “overt bigotry” of the past any day over the bigotry, hate, and intolerance that cloaks itself in academic theory and political activism.

  20. Mark,you need to use more quotation Marks.
    Those of us that live in Seattle hate, yes I said hate, having all of the Latino’s here. We are a being over run with them.
    Maybe if they started acting normal we would treat them as such.
    They want all of the free shit they can get and then some.
    Buy your own damn camera and make your own movies.
    Start with the title, “MS13: We came For The Love, But first We Have To Rape Before We Kill”
    If I am wrong tell me why.
    That should be a hit.

  21. Garner is a total liberal and her ex affleck was supposed to be the next kennedy.
    So saying bad things about murderous torturing scum is racist?
    Don’t give them your money.

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