Critics Say Trump Commits Chronic Fashion Faux Pas

Larry Elder recently pointed it out. Others have been doing the same.


They say they never see Trump with his suit jacket buttoned. What gives?

Do you know why?

See why after the jump. —->

It’s because Trump is always wearing a bulletproof vest.


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  1. I don’t know if anyone’s noticed but even after he picked up Secret Service protection he continues to have his original security guys with him. Smart move.

  2. With all the valid criticisms against The Donald, now the Libtards (of either party) want to go after his “fashion faux pas”, and that his suit jacket is unbuttoned?
    Unless he’s utterly naked, or otherwise over the top (golf shorts at a funeral), GET A LIFE, PEOPLE.

    (walks away, muttering under breath about general stupidity).

  3. I saw that about his bullet proof vest, elsewhere. Smart. Even smarter if he’s armed.

    As someone who sold suits at a men’s store to put myself through college: I personally would rather see a guy with his suit coat unbuttoned than see a guy with his too-small suit coat buttoned and straining at the buttonhole across his belly because it’s too tight (which is often the case here in America, where food is plentiful).

    I’m with B Woodman. Find something with substance to criticize, people.

  4. Reeks of bullshit to me. I know several men who wear a vest and have their suit coats tailored to conceal that fact.

    Are they saying the Donald don’t employ tailors?

    A good tailor can hide any decent hand cannon under a suit coat from 99% of the people looking.

  5. Lowel, depends on the level of protection. If he’s wearing something with ceramic plates in it, not so easy to hide. Which I imagine he is.

  6. @BOOM

    Trump was for obamacare mandates 24 hours ago….he has now “evolved” to be against them.

    Is it a wet Finger in the air to decide stance on issues or is he playing the crowd depending upon who he’s talking to? Or it could be an epiphany?

    Purportedly he’s not political, but he’s sure acting like a politician (mcconnel, reid, ryan, pelosi, hillary and slick willy style).

  7. Bad Brad – “above” was referring to the tailoring comment, and I do know what the shit I am talking about in that respect.

    If Chris “Fat Fuck” Christie can fit into a suit coat, then so can Donald Trump even if he’s wearing a kevlar flak jacket with seven inches of ceramic tile underneath a two-foot thick layer of whale blubber and no one would suspect that he would be personally armed, much less “armored.”

  8. So I’m wondering why your so fucking upset he didn’t button his jacket. I hope your going to be ok. Sounds like your in tears.

  9. Don’t really care. Kevlar and even ceramic are old tech. They’re using liquids and Polys now. Much lighter and much more effective. I think probably doesn’t button his jacket because he really doesn’t like it buttoned.

  10. “I think you meant “you’re” in all three instances”

    You know what, I just worked a 15 hour day, and I’m on my phone right now and really, the last fucking thing I need is a spelling lesson from your dumb ass.

  11. Brad – Relax! You’re right – he probably doesn’t want to button his jacket. NO ONE DOES. That’s the point.

    However, you never addressed the technological superiority, or lack thereof, of whale blubber and whether or not that will affect the fit of one’s suit coat.

  12. Why would this aide reveal that information, did he leave on bad terms? Now they will go for a head shot.

    I couldn’t tell by looking, like I can when my kid wears the uniform over the vest. Might have never known. It must be the lighter body armor.

  13. I regularly pray for God’s protection over him. I also pray God destroys ISIS, the evil, godless left, and the like. ?

  14. Maybe he should wear a profile-breaking bag on his head like the IDF. I read somewhere that Scalia’s death was a warning to Trump. Interesting idea.

  15. “Court Attire 101:” The coat is worn unbuttoned to facilitate rapid access to one’s firearm. The coat is buttoned to walk to, and from, the witness stand.

    A “fashion faux pas” would be if his belt did not match his shoes, or if he wore brown shoes with a dark blue, black, or gray suit…or if his field scarf clashed with the color/pattern of his jacket or shirt (or if he failed to wear a field scarf with a suit). Too, he favors a navy blazer; the rules are less rigid for blazers and sport coats.

  16. He leaves it unbuttoned so he gets noticed by idiots who go about their lives wishing they had the balls to wear their jackets open. He’s playing with them and they don’t even know it.

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