Crowd Boos Julian Castro for Refusing to Hold Baby

WFB: Democratic presidential hopeful Julian Castro said he did not want to hold a voter’s baby, prompting boos from the crowd during an appearance at NetRoots Nation this past weekend. He cited a desire to protect the infant’s health, saying he wasn’t a “typical politician” and he had been “shaking a million hands.”

A video from the Washington Examiner shows the former Housing and Urban Development secretary trying to defend his decision not to hold an activist’s baby.

“Do you want to go hold that baby?” one of the moderators asked Castro, to which he had no response and did not stand up to go over to the mother who walked up to the stage to ask a question.

“I know, I know, look I’m not going to be the typical politician,” Castro said, prompting boos from the crowd. more here

10 Comments on Crowd Boos Julian Castro for Refusing to Hold Baby

  1. Looks like the mother goes thru more pain dropping a turd than giving birth. The baby has to be about 1/5 the size of what she leaves in the toilet.

  2. Oh I see now. Had her baby been La’quantum or Shamiracle, Julian Castro would’ve held the little future voter.

    Btw who’s the clapping gay seal on the left?

  3. just luv it when all these D’rat bints, who have no chance of being the nominee, keep sucking the bank accounts of their donors lower & lower

    but, that’s what D’rats do …. draining other peoples bank accounts

  4. Julian’s getting into Dukakis territory…

    “Shaw, looking commanding and stern, began: “By agreement between the candidates, the first question goes to Gov. Dukakis. You have two minutes to respond: “Governor, if Kitty Dukakis were raped and murdered, would you favor an irrevocable death penalty for the killer?”

    “And Dukakis answered instantly and smoothly. “No, I don’t, Bernard,” he said. “And I think you know that I’ve opposed the death penalty during all of my life.”

  5. I don’t care about no baby holdin’ crappola.
    That ugly freak lipped weirdo commie is
    what I want to be run the F*** OUT! of this country.
    All most time to go all WESTERNRIFLESHOOTER
    on their AZZ.

  6. That’s actually one of the few well thought out responses from that whole crew. There is no reason to pass around a baby to be used as a prop for anything.


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