Smug woman confronts man in MAGA hat, tells him it makes him look stupid – turns out she doesn’t know a thing


I love the guy in the background giving the MAGA hat wearer the thumbs up.

Legend has it the MAGA hat wearer is black.

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  1. reddit sucks ass.

    He’s a patient man. And she is a whore, her mother was a whore, and her old Gran-gran was a whore. Her daughters are whores, and her sons are queers. Her husband is probably a queer, too.

  2. Went to a lunch truck the other day. Only two people in front of me, a father and his son chowing down. Lower Central Ave in Westchester County.

    Well after some conversation, he is a Transit worker, I picked up my order I noticed he had a MAGA sun visor on! Well, we had a quick follow up conversation about MAGA hats.

    We have two, red from Trump Tower RIGHT after the election and the other WHITE hat we bought from a black dude in front of the National Archives about two years ago.

    That, in the vid, is what is called a holier than thou know it all.

    Kudos to the MAGA guy in the ‘non’ maga hat.


  3. Hands on the hips and then “STOMP, STOMP, STOMP” was first realized in the K-Mart toy section when she was 2….

  4. That is David Harris Jr. He was at Trump’s social media summit. He’s on YouTube, I suggest you subscribe.

  5. She is a white, privileged whore with a wedding band. Husband has to be a pussy. She is the type of bitch that nobody really want’s to associate with. A fooken cunt
    I’ll bet the cool guy was black.

  6. I was at my dad’s house this weekend celebrating his 79th birthday. He has recently had double-knee surgery so was sitting in a chair as his neices and nephews, sons and daughters, and in-laws brought him his gifts. It was a nice festive time! He was very nice and thankful for the Crystal wine glass and the cashmere throw blanket. The in-laws were taking a lot of pictures until my dad said stop with all the flashes, let’s just enjoy this moment! Me, being the oldest son, gave him his final gift. And knowing he wants for nothing he opened up a box to find a bright red TRUMP 2020 embroidered hat! Well he put it on immediately and wanted to take pictures right then! He got off his seat, and posed with all of us with his hat on. Which probably pissed off half the in-laws! (Which he is known to do).

    Love ya Dad! Happy Birthday!

  7. Her final words said it all. When the guy stated facts about the economy, she replied “I disagree” Those facts should elicit an answer of either “That’s right” or “That’s wrong”. “I disagree” comes from the mushy gray area of her feelings. Typical leftist woman.

  8. Her: “If you educated yourself more…”, “If you educated yourself more…”, “If you educated yourself more…”

    I will bet that she is either a High school teacher or a college “educator”!

  9. “It seems like” “you look like”

    She’s high on assumptions and low on facts. I bet she boarded the wrong plane too.

  10. “Why I oughta pound you.” – Moe Howard
    This is what you get when; “You get a trophy and you get a trophy and you get a trophy.”
    I can melt a smug bitch with one glare.

  11. lmao … in the end, basically saying “I don’t wanna play anymore”

    my youngest granddaughter bought me my first MAGA hat last Christmas … raising them right, one generation at a time!

    btw, I’d bang that … she needs a good lay … desperately

  12. Oh! it got better at the dinner, shroud I tell you? Dad tells border friek in-laws to shut the hell up! You don’t see us talking about politics when having dinner? Why do you? We talk about family and friends, and good times…You are a “gastrational” insult to my dinner!

  13. Moe, I hope you make it to 500, or as long as you are glad to wake up from one day to the next. That goes for ALL of you, even Larry The Stinker.

    I’m half your age and have been despondent to the depths, as I’m sure all of us have experienced from time to time.

    So-crates once said, “Kiss my fucking ass.”

    I think that sucked. I was almost eternally pissed off, but as I become an old man I understand (barely) what he was saying.

    Enjoy your lives. Please. I love you.

  14. I’ve come to hate technology. Was my bread and butter for 35+ years. If not for all the hand held staring no life individuals, a sock-full of nickles would have put this down in less than 3 seconds,,,
    h/t MJA – knows where I got that from, even though my preference has always been a roll of quarters.

  15. She’s a spiteful, spoiled, control freak and a leftist. She sounds like a complete fool trying to lecture a grown man who actually knows more than she does about…probably everything. What a beotch.

  16. This mattress topper is typical of the “I don’t mind paying a little bit more…” crowd of useful idiots who make up the Democrat base. Dumb as a stick and looking for any identity other than she really is

  17. she is the poster child for Liberal Racism.

    Dr Thomas Sowell NAILED IT when he uttered his timeless phrase describing the in-born racism of all Leftists. He called it “the soft bigotry of lowered expectations”. The Left doesn’t think the black and brown peoples of the world can think for themselves so the Leftists have to do their thinking for them.

    Despicable. RACIST.

  18. “I’d slap the shit out of your ignorant face, but shit splatters and I don’t want to get any on me.”

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