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Defund Jack Smith. Then Investigate Him.

Julie Kelly:

Smith is quickly entering the Fani Willis/Alvin Bragg category —a corrupt, egotistical clown with crashing public credibility and waning support from some of his most loyal toadies.

Special Counsel Jack Smith was supposed to be basking in glory right now.

In his ideal world, Smith would be hot off a quick conviction of Donald Trump in Washington, D.C. for the former president’s alleged role in the events of January 6 and attempts to “overturn” the 2020 election. The special counsel then would have immediately moved his victorious prosecutors to Palm Beach for the summer to prepare for Trump’s second federal trial related to allegedly stealing national defense information and impeding the Department of Justice’s investigation.

That, at least, was the plan.

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  1. No, no, no. Defund? Investigate? Why the F do you want to fight him on his turf and the turf of his allies and enablers? His demise will come, if it comes at all, from outside his system.

  2. The justice system is broken and is now a two-tier (in)justice system.
    If there’s going to be any justice concerning Jack(off) Smith, it’s going to have to come from common sense ordinary citizens, outside the “system”, i.e., vigilantes. I hope they have enough rope and a person who can tie good knots.

  3. The Justice System is just fine.
    Going after CRIMINALS is their job, especially America’s number one CRIMINAL. MAGA went from law & order (2016) to right down the golden toilet poop-shoot. Well get ready for: “It was stoolen” part duex. We are.

  4. FTA: “House Republicans need to do everything in their power to help her bring the special counsel and his team to its knees.”

    Therein lies the problem. The continued belief that the republican party will do anything in support of the conservative will.

  5. Bot bot bot, bought bought bought. The mosquito will not buzz free of charge even if that payment is wholly within the mosquito’s fifty cell ganglia and nowhere else.

    The evil of the anti American left is not affected by its actions. The actions of the degenerate reprobates are downstream of the evil, predicated, as it were, on that underlying fundamental evil.

    Trump derangement syndrome is not possible in a fully equipped human psyche, there are too many tints and shades of thought and meaning available to such a mentality. No, TDS is the province of those provisioned intellectually and emotionally well enough to appear to get along and operate within the society while lacking any ability to assimilate and appreciate the enormous bouquet of nuance available to the senses; were one to possess said senses.

    Eight years of relentless, malicious, lavishly funded and staffed investigations of every crevice of Trump’s life brings us to this flimsy point of a state level prosecution pursuing federal level charges, a fully affirmative action hire office pursuing more grift and hide the weenie than any criminal behavior on anyone but the office’s part.

    A has been porn star with outsize synthetic tits her finest attribute and a mope face loser lawyer who just CANNOT quit lying, this is their triumph of EIGHT YEARS of relentless, malicious, lavishly funded and staffed investigations of every crevice of Trump’s life.

    Trump can be considered to be the VERY cleanest, most upright and upstanding individual EVER associated with American national politics in the modern history of the union. Squawks about Trump’s probity by dumbasses are a welcome amusement with the knowledge of the lengths the COMMUNISTS… sorry, democrats, uniparty RINOs as well, but I repeat myself, have gone to in the attempt to smirch Orange Man Bad.

    Trump comes off, under reasoned consideration, a candidate for sainthood within the American political sphere.


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