Crowder: AOC’s Holocaust Comparisons

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  1. @Franz – no, but Democrats play the movie Roots backwards so that it has a happy ending.

  2. Growing up I remember the year Maris and Mantle battled it out for the 60 homers in one season. We’ve slid so far down hill we now have to suffer through Ilhan Omar and AOC vying for the Fredo of the week prize. FML

  3. Illegal alien invaders detained at boarder: They came here on their own, no one rounded them up and brought them here. They get comfortable quarters, plenty of free food, free health care, free to leave at any time. No one forcing them to work or stay here.
    Nazi concentration camp: Millions of Jews rounded up by force, shoved into cattle train cars to ride for days with no food no bathroom facilities then quartered in rat and disease infested barracks with no heat during winter. More than one to sleep on bed with no mattress. Maybe one rotten potato or a little stale bread and water a day for food. Many died of malnutrition, dysentery, other diseases or forced to work until dead or sent to gas chambers.
    The idiots like Cortez and other sleazy democRATs and crybaby liberals try to compare the treatment of illegal alien invaders at our boarder to the treatment of people in Nazi concentration camps is they height of hypocrisy and stupidity.

  4. By comparison, how many nazi concentration camp victims were given the choice to return to where they came from?

  5. Well, honey, if you weren’t referring to the Nazi concentration camps, exactly which ones were you referring to?

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