Crowder’s Surgery Part 2

My recovery took a turn for the worse, here’s the latest on my health. Much appreciation for all of your well wishes and prayers. Part 2 | I’m Getting Heart Surgery

And if you missed it, here is Part 1 | I’m Getting Heart Surgery.

Good luck and prayers for Steven Crowder’s recovery.
His situation is the first I’ve ever heard of. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have your sternum pressing against your heart for so many years!

Part 3 will be coming soon.

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  1. I just had emergency surgery on my stomach, so my prayers are with the cool dude. Good thing my phone accessed IOTW!!

  2. I pray he returns to good health.

    These kind of things change a persons perspective. I wonder how his mortality will affect his outlook?

  3. Charlie WalksonWater
    AUGUST 5, 2021 AT 4:41 PM
    “I pray he returns to good health.

    These kind of things change a persons perspective. I wonder how his mortality will affect his outlook?”

    …always remember you are guaranteed NOTHING.

    I got a reminder of that last week. The fellow I was breifly acquainted with got a sharper and more permanent lesson.

    The fellow was found in the restroom collapsed next to a toilet in a handcap stall. Unkown down, for unknown time.

    I’m a corporate first responder with years of previous experience and I was lunching nearby, so I got to officiate, joined later by the EHS guy to make it 2 man, and later still by a half dozen FD to make it a quorum.

    Not gonna get into details. Too soon, and still waiting for the autopsy. Long story short, he was probably down for awhile before found and resuscitation attempts, including AED, were unsuccessful, although they pumped him all the way to the hospital.

    He was 19.

    And whatever his plans were when he got up, got dressed, and went to work that morning, I’ll bet they didn’t include a beardy old plant electrician cranking his chest and blowing down his throat, only to spend the evening in a refrigerated drawer.

    None of the usual suspects appear to have been present, but we’ll see. Don’t assume that it was because of any vices either, because I saw a 21 year old die of a blown out aneurism he didn’t
    know he had too, and the child and baby heart defects are too terrible to get into. Young people CAN and DO die WITHOUT doing something stupid. Never smugly assume you know something BAD about someone’s
    demise when you DON’T.

    Pray for his family.

    And take away from this that you are promised NOTHING. Not even another 5 minutes. Make your peace with the Lord, and live your life like the next minute is all you’ve got.

    Because it very well may be.

    Not sure what Mr. Crowder’s issue is here. There’s plureal effusions on one end, and tension pnemohemothorax on the other, with all sorts of interesting stops in between. Lots of reasons to suspect a lung blowout from what little they gave, lots of ways he could be bleeding into his pleural or periocardial space. Pericardial tamponade is some wicked, deadly crap too.

    But I doubt they would have published this much if they didn’t get a “save”.

    This time.

    But there may be other times. And no one, not one of us, gets out alive.

    Hug your kids.
    Love your spouse,
    Call your parents.
    Get right with the Lord.

    Because you COULD be all right tomorrow,

    Or you COULD end the day with a pathologist’s dogleg tatoo across your chest and belly, and your hair undermined in the back so your scalp can be pulled over your face to facilitate cutting your skull open in a way that its easy for the mortician to hide later.

    You never know.

    Let us pray…

    …Dear Lord, we thank You for all that You have done for us, all that You are doing for us, for all that You promise to do for us, and most of all for the gift of salvation that Your Son bought for us at Calvary, the only thing that makes us worthy of Heaven andthe only REAL hope ANY person has. But we know You also as the Ultimate Physician, Lord, so we ask that You make Your sign on Mr. Crowder, heal his body, remove his pain, and guide his physicians and surgeons to facilitate best that healing that only You can complete. Do this that we may see Your hand on his life, and that all men may see Your healing touch and ascribe it to Your glory. His problems may be large but You are larger. Please help and heal him and all who are afflicted today. We ask this in the merciful name of Jesus, amen.

    God Bless,

  4. I will say a prayer for his wellness. I had 9 surgeries in 2019. I watched some of the vid until the operating room. Still a little freaky to me.


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