The AFL-CIO Just Lost Another Member: Chief Richard Trumka

CTH: Richard Trumka, Dead.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka rose to power in combination with President Obama.  Trumka became president of the AFL-CIO at the same time President Obama took office in January 2009.

The Chicago machine organized a pact between the revolutionary communists (RevCom) and labor unions in 2007; specifically to assist the installation of Obama in the 2008 presidential election.  The AFL-CIO (Nicholas), SEIU (Andy Stern), UFCW, UAW and AFSCME labor unions all agreed to assemble their foot-soldiers in common cause.  That union army defeated Hillary Clinton in a brutal 2008 presidential primary.  The communists won. The rest is history.

It was around the time of Richard Trumka’s 60th birthday celebration when the deal was signed.  The Communists would get President Obama, in return the labor unions would get the massive pension liability of union member healthcare removed from their books.  This is the origin of ObamaCare; by any means necessary. More

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  1. Still can’t fight the feeling that Trumpka was fighting the Covid-1984 narrative and….well we know how that ends. Stress or Arkancide? Either way, the end result is the same. May God have mercy on his soul.

  2. That’s one less Commie in the USA!

    The only good commie is a dead commie.

  3. They all look the same.

    Fat pudgy soft handed asshole with 1970’s hard as a rock hairspray head.

    Classic sit on your ass style.

  4. And their was much rejoicing at the union hall, not that the next Hoffa wanna-be is going to be any better.

  5. It always amazed me people would willingly send this guy money so he could use it to try and put them out of work. Not to mention the dumb asses would vote the way he told them. Bye Bye dumb shit.

  6. At least he died a natural death unlike Jimmy Hoffa. At the same time good riddance to bad rubbish. And why do all or most Union bosses look like thugs? As you can tell I despise unions of any kind especially govt. and teachers and public employee unions.

  7. This signals the final end of the Disco Mustache era.

    Trust me, the world will be a lot better without men growing these germ and bug habitats above their upper lips.

  8. “Sinners don’t fear death; they fear the revelation of the Living God.”
    As his face struck the burning gates of Hell, Dick had a revelation.
    “Abandon hope all ye who enter here” is now branded into his forehead.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. I didn’t SPECIFICALLY pray for DICK to croak but I have been praying SPECIFICALLY for the likes of him to.

    Will ramp up prayers tonight!

  10. @TimBuktu: “…the world will be a lot better without men growing these germ and bug habitats above their upper lips.”

    God created upper lip hair to help men keep their immune systems cranked to at least DEFCON 3. With a little effort and some sloppy eating, we can get all the way up to DEFCON 1.

  11. I hope it was painful, I hope he was terrified and I hope his whole family was too busy to be there. Burn you bastard.

  12. I haven’t shaved my mustache off since the Spring of 1976 when I was 23. My wife never saw me with an unshaved upper lip, however when I cut my beard a few times over the years it freaked my kids out since they didn’t know who I was without a beard.

  13. Hey Leo Gerard, how’s the old ticker these days? Shame about Barky’s big birthday shindig getting downsized. I wonder if Trumka was invited. That’s one way to shorten the guest list, I reckon. Were you invited? I wonder if Hillary was invited. Anyhow, you take care, Leo.

  14. geoff the aardvark, I recently had about the same thing. I had a pretty big beard and cut it off for the hot season after about 2 years of minor trims.

    I went to see Don, the cigar guy… who I have talked to every week for four years in his shop… and he had no idea who I was. I wear the same clothing. And talk the same way. But he was confused.

    Same with the Brown Derby woman. “I know you (pointing to Jennifer), and I know you (pointing to Ian), but I don’t know you (pointing to me).”

    I had no idea shaving my face would confuse dozens of people…

  15. My dad worked in a union chemical plant. Back then, it was the Oil, Chemical & Atomic Workers Union, or OCAW. My dad was a lab tech and he and his co-workers got sick of the corrupt leadership of the OCAW and broke away to form their own union, the Technical Control Union or TEC. Things were much better when they got out from under the control of the corrupt thugs in the OCAW. Trumpka was a lifelong union thug and commie rat bastard.


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