Cruz fires, Biden and Blinken take damage

Watch: “You own this!

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  1. The modern form of “noblesse oblige” holds firm in these people, grasshopper.

    Isn’t that what it’s all about – the ruling class who have taken over America want all the responsibility but none of the consequences (expect their 10 or 20 % of gross).

    If you spend 40 odd years in Congress you get that noblesse oblige mentality. Teddy Kennedy had it, mackshitstain had it, the bushes, obama,even the clintons, and especially pelosi.

  2. Biden and Blinken. I’m so sorry this is happening to you both.

    Thoughts and prayers. Thoughts and prayers. Burn in Hell.

  3. The lethal verbiage. No coming back from that. /sarc

    The people killing America don’t give one good goddamn what words are used anything else is just wanking.

    Sorry for the bluntness, and yes, this is ugly beyond measure. We didn’t petition England for redress of grievance, we told them why we were going to shoot them in the face. Then we did.

  4. Here’s the part I like. The standard rebuttal from the Libtard online Troll army. “Imagine how bad things would be if the other guy were still in charge’. Nobody’s that stupid

  5. This is Obama’s third term, and when I say Obama, I mean Obama’s handlers. This is the intended result. We are supposed to be humiliated and self-loathing. Our allies are supposed to feel betrayed and abandoned. Obama did it for eight years. He triggered the Muslim imvasion of Europe with his Arab Spring. Afghanistan more than makes up for his failure in Bengazi. We are back on schedule.

  6. Cruz was my preferred presidential choice in 2016, but he doesn’t have the charisma to win. Trump took care of that part.
    I hope this country is becoming woke in a way that the evil, vile liberals never imagined.
    It’s our only hope to ever recover from the unimaginable damage the boneheaded, fraudulent Bite-me admin. has wrought.

  7. Sax, if Trump were to say FUKIT I’m outta here and then put his backing behind Cruz it would be a done deal…if we have an honest election!

  8. “ Cruz was my preferred presidential choice in 2016, ”

    At the end of the day CRUZ is still a Globalist. Not in our camp.

  9. To Robert E. Lee: The South will rise again!

    Actually, I’m convinced The South will save this country, and I’m a Northerner.


  10. Bloody hell the Biden Administration did not understand that the Taliban are terrorists who want to kill is. This was not a failure by this malAdministration, it is a feature of the illegitimate Goddamned clusterfuck of a satanic cult that has seized control of the reins of power. What is more the Republican establishment is equally guilty for helping them to do it and every one of those ratfuckers is a terrorist sympathizer or worse.

  11. Owning the libs on social media is fun but it hardly makes up for the fact that the filthy libs own the White House, Congress, most of the courts, and the virtually the entire federal bureaucracy and intelligence “fourth brance” of government.

  12. Nice, but it needs to be corrected to “The 81 million voting democrats own this”. Where ever they are hidden. Smart voting matters.

  13. “At the end of the day CRUZ is still a Globalist. Not in our camp.”

    That’s an ignorant thing to say. Ted Curz is a constitutional conservative. Last I checked the Constitution is for the United States of America. You are just parroting random attacks on Ted Cruz, who is among Trump’s best allies, and among the few remaining with spines in the congress, and in the Republican party in general.
    The late great Rush Limbaugh said it on his show.
    “If conservatism is your bag, if conservatism is the dominating factor in how you vote, there is no other choice for you in this campaign than Ted Cruz, because you are exactly right. This is the closest in our lifetimes we have ever been to Ronald Reagan” – Rush Limbaugh, on his radio show, 2-10-2016.
    But you are entitled to your opinion, even when it has no connection to reality, and feel free to malign patriots who are on our side and then wonder why nothing is being done.

  14. John Smith

    Let’s talk about ignorance. Who does his wife work for? He’s a GLOBALIST. Admits it freely. Dances to the tune of the Koch brothers and their pals. Period, end of story.

  15. @Brad.
    So he is a “globalist” because Heidi Cruz works for Goldman Sachs? So everyone who has a job at a bank, big corporation, financial institution is a globalist and somehow infected their spouses too to become globalists?
    You sure act like a supporter of globalists (democrats) while complaining about others allegedly being globalists.
    That’s right. That is a tactic borrowed straight out of democrats play book. Throw random accusations, just smear someone you don’t like, no proof necessary, and the believe your own lie, if it was not that, then it is “guilty by association”, or because you work for someone. I work for a large tech giant. Does that make me a globalist too?

    “Admits it freely.”?
    Please provide a link or quote where Ted Cruz “admits freely” to being a globalist.

    “Dances to the tune of the Koch brothers and their pals. ”
    How so?
    Which bill he introduced has any link, even remotely to your usual, Harry Reid style obsession with the Koch brothers?
    Which statement proves that?
    That’s another random accusation you would not be able to prove. I am certain your next response, if any, would either be a personal attack, or more random accusations.

    Thanks for the waste of time. I should have let you wallow in your ignorance and not respond to such smears of a solid conservative.
    I guess you know better than all of us, better than the late great Rush and better even than Trump.

    Glad you mentioned talking about ignorance. Every time you post a comment about Ted Cruz, you expose more and more of your own. Either you are a democrat, or just use their tactics and their smear propaganda. I’ll give you the benefit of doubt and say you are just ignorantly copy pasting 2nd hand information you can’t prove.

    I am done arguing with you.
    I prefer debates where facts are used, not emotions and propaganda.


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