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Cruz wants to change Fox’s debate standards

LI – The Republican presidential debate situation is a mess. With far too much talent, and about ten too many contenders, the early presidential debate process continue its devolution into chaos.

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The first official debate was scheduled to take place August 6. Or at least it was until C-SPAN decided to throw their party first. Unlike Fox New’s debate stage which would only hold the top 10 GOP candidates according to national polling, C-SPAN invited all 17 contenders to their “Voters First Forum” to be held August 3. MORE

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  1. Polls are easily fixed, and we know FOX and the PTB are in the tank for Heb and the rest of the RINO crowd. How typically wimpy of the GOP to let a news network tell them who will debate in their party’s early debates.

  2. All these “debates” offer is a glimpse of the unimportant, namely the “style” of the candidates. They certainly offer no useful information, and even more certainly ought not to be called debates. They are carefully crafted TV entertainment and propaganda with gotcha moments interspersed between yuks. The only thing that makes them any different from a sitcom episode is that the yuks come from a live audience rather than a laugh track recording. BFD.

    I’d rather see an elimination series of cage matches. Wouldn’t you?

  3. Oh, I think this particular candidate would VERY conspicuous by his absence, as there is going to be no one on that stageas qualified to debate as Ted Cruz. That is the kind of exclusion that might bring some real criticism on RINOFOX TV.

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