Cry Closets

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  1. I know every generation thinks the generations that follow are less competent and not as smart. The proof lies in cry closets and safe spaces for the little snowflakes coming into adult age now. How could they ever handle real adversity?

  2. what is higher education ?

    that’s when you have to listen to your doped up professor blabber on about his politics and how you are a bigot for not agreeing with them

  3. We used to call that a prayer closet at Seminary. Now that give awards for using them publicly. Only ones the left gives out – but some people have their wholes lives designated as a crying closet (Hilary for example).

  4. But it has rules posted…won’t that cause more “stress”? And what happens if someone stays longer than 10 minutes? Or breaks any other rule? I can just see some poor student trying to explain to their parents that they got kicked out of school for violating “cry closet” rules.

  5. If I were visiting that library, I might “mistake” that closet for a men’s room. Good thing I carry a little packet of TP in my pocket…

  6. @uncle al

    When I couldn’t find the TP I used the TB. The Teddy Bear worked great. It’s soft and absorbent. Left me feeling very clean.

  7. It being my alma mater, I would like to think of it as a not so subtle jab at precious snowflakes. There is an overabundance of precious snowflakes at the U of U — especially among the faculty — but, it being primarily a commuter school, most students are fairly levelheaded and just roll their eyes and keep their mouths shut so they can get the diploma and get out.

    Finals can be quite stressful. Many years ago, while walking through campus at the “university to the South”, near the end of finals, I saw a young man jogging in a cold rain without a coat or hat, chanting in rythm to his steps, emphasized by the movement of a heavy book bag — “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you…” Aaah, the college life.

  8. @TheMule: APRIL 26, 2018 AT 2:18 PM
    “Pretty sure most of the students are calling that the “Let’s have sex in the library” closet”.

    But what do they do for the remaining 9 minutes?

  9. It’d be a hoot to find out the college Republicans had pranked the school. Or maybe Sabo has gone 3-D.

  10. We actually have a room like that in my office building. It is called the “private room”. We call it the SCREAM ROOM.


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