Cuba: 200 dissidents violently arrested – IOTW Report

Cuba: 200 dissidents violently arrested

Less Than 48 Hours After Kerry Shuns Cuban Dissidents, Over 200 Were Arrested.

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  1. Errr ahhh

    Well you know what they say…better Red than dead…oops that’s what I said at home…oh never mind

    Back to PT with Lucifer

  2. When big american corporate money starts to move into Cuba these things will stop. Because the big money will corrupt the government. Just like it does here.

    A long time ago we had a decent government that wasn’t really interested in fucking with the populace. Big money changed that. Because we stopped producing wealth, we consume it.

    Cuba has a recent (relatively) fucked up government that likes to fuck with the populace. Keep them in their place. The big money will make that less attractive. Because the government won’t have to suck it out of the serfs. It’ll get handed to them. They’ll learn how to let big money run things because it’s cheaper and the graft is unlimited. Just like here.

    Because Cuba can produce things we want, cheap. We don’t produce anything anymore so the government and big money are free to fuck with us.

  3. Cuban dissidents are non-persons to this administration, along with fetuses, Christians, Jews, conservatives….

  4. Only idiots like horse head Kerry would think capitulating to totalitarian regimes creates freedom. The US funds are now in the blood stained hands of the Castros. It will be used to keep the Castro regime rich and upgrade torture techniques reserved for thousands of Cuban dissidents.

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