Tilly, the Transgender Bear Children’s Book

All the headlines for this story try to put the most positive, “Gee, isn’t that progressive,” spin on this story. I’ll give you a headline and byline.

Tilly Bear

Woman Traumatized by Her Own Father’s Sex Change Writes Children’s Book

Gay mother of infant son (I think) pens story of Teddy bear wanting to be Tilly, because “the first thing we thought of was finding books that had gay parents, and we found some really great books, but it was harder to find books that had transgender characters.”


So much mental illness around one child.

10 Comments on Tilly, the Transgender Bear Children’s Book

  1. I remember now, that book was on the nightstand of the littlest of three little bears family! Goldilocks discovered the bears secret and was forced to take sensitivity training when she became openly and publicly repulsed!

  2. They can now shop at Target but what’s the point- teddy bears often don’t wear skirts or pants.

    I just don’t know…can you hear me screaming from here?

  3. Along the same lines, why is it so difficult to show my children movies I watched without them being modified in some progressive way? Such as guns covered up in E.T. The real goal is for some lesbian trans mental patient to freely hold a dildo instead, probably.

  4. Bears don’t wear clothes, so they can’t cross dress. What’s a transgendered bear do? Hump the wrong bear?

  5. Animals are animals. Disney put little tutus on them & made them talk. Now, kids think animals are human or something. Even the animals themselves are ashamed.

  6. I, for one, will not be going around checking a bear for it’s sex. Even a teddy bear.
    And, never heard of a tilly bear. Was Teddy’s wife named Tilly?

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