People Can’t Stop Talking About Him

Hat Tip/ illustr8r

On Twitter – Trump Your Cat

-Brush your cat

-Form toupee with shed hair

-Put on cat

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 6.49.16 PM

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  1. As long as Trump keeps ruffling RINO establishment feathers and giving them the occasional atomic wedgie, I will pull for him. I personally like Cruz the most, but I am a patient person.

  2. Man, there are times when I wish I could do whatever I want on this site.
    I sooooo want to do a parody of this –
    Sanders Your Penis.

  3. You could Sander Your Cat too- it’s not like Bernie has Vidal Sassoon bouncing’ and behaving’ hair. It’s more like he’s touched an electrostatic generator.

  4. This morning I enjoyed a couple of my coworkers spouting off on what an idiot Trump was, and how the polls were wrong, Middle America doesn’t care for him. I’d say they’re pretty worried.
    I didn’t bother to argue – no point.

  5. Come on BFH. God hates a coward. Of course every time I use that expression to justify doing something stupid it usually doesn’t end well. But I still say go for it.

  6. Brad, I do believe you also may host the “Imp of the Perverse”. That little guy, sitting on my shoulder whispering in my ear.

    “Push it.” “Say it.” “You know you want to tump over the whole damn apple cart.”

    Stir their asses up and watch the splinters fly. Because we can. We know what words, when, will make them gibber and spit.

  7. I don’t necessarily want to push the perverse . . .on second thought, it is good to upset the chicken coop once in awhile.

    Example: my niece (an MD-in-training) posted a Libtard political cartoon on FB from the local rag, referencing the state Governor stopping funds to PP, and the DOOM AND GLOOM THAT ARE SURE TO FOLLOW!!
    I posted a couple of rebuttals, and my wife was getting all faint-y on me, telling me to not upset the family with my truth and logic. Pah! I posted them anyway. And several other people (her friends?) came on and posted, more or less agreeing with me.
    She hasn’t posted any further rebuttals since. I wouldn’t be surprised if she un-friended me soon.

    I will no longer just roll over when someone speaks a lie. I will rebut, and attack. No more “go along to get along, hands across the aisle”.

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