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Cuckservative – A slur used by conservatives towards conservatives. What it means isn’t clear.

TheRightStuff claims to have coined the phrase.

Stacy McCain is suspicious. He thinks this New Right (the people who sling the slur) is comprised of leftist Agent Provocateurs out to prove to the world that conservatives are racist, and this movement is meant to draw them out into the light.

Ace is suspicious.

Hot air is suspicious.

I think there is validity to the term. It’s a good replacement for RINO, because I don’t G.A.S. about republicans, but I have my reservations, as well.

If the New Right aren’t just racist, and proud of it, then I’m here to hear more.

What’s a racist, in a simplistic explanation?

If I point of to some mouth-breathing, never-achieved-nothing-in-their-entire-lives, slightly wall-eyed, white moron that they will never be smart or successful as Thomas Sowell, they will concede the point, say that he is the exception to the rule and declare that whites are superior.

I can then go on to name 100s of other black people that are smarter than he and who have contributed more, and they will continue to concede that point, but then say these are just exceptions to the rule that blacks are inferior to white people.

I think a fairer system would be to evaluate people on a case by case basis, rather than simply declare that collectively, whites have higher IQs than blacks, and then ride the white banner when you’re an abject moron. That sounds like affirmative action for whites.

Having just said this, I believe I might be called a Cuckservative.

We’ll see.


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  1. The “cuck” in “cuckservative” comes from the word “cuckhold”, which involves maintaining a key relationship with someone who doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain. It’s applied to conservatives who “reach across the aisle” to democrat assholes who have no intention of keeping their word on any agreements struck with republican “cuckservatives”. They politically cuckhold them, pretending to be in alliances with them, while fucking them over behind their back.

  2. I still prefer RINO.

    That said, as far as I understand it, it’s more like
    “A slur used by conservatives towards Republicans”

    Yet another reason NOT to use it (aside from the neo-Nazi, anti-semite issues): too pliable a term.

  3. @Fur

    As far as your “Thomas Sowell and 100’s of other blacks” point goes, it may be effective in shutting up the idiots, but does not seem to take into consideration the relative bell curves of intelligence by race.

  4. I also take umbrage at sh!tting on Conservatives (bastardizing the word) when it is those NON-Conservative RINOs trashing the country along with the Dems.

    I will have nothing to do with the (as far as possible), and using this term only binds us to them tighter.

  5. Just call them “Cuckold Republicans” and then it ends this silliness of trying to come up with some clever #hashtag so somebody can pat themselves on the back for being the “first” to say it.

    When I look at Graham, Jeb, McLame, Bohener, McConnell, “cuckold” is just as good a word to describe them as RINO, if not better.

  6. This term, “cuckservative,” originated on the “politically incorrect” board, /pol/, several months ago. If I recall correctly, it was a discussion comparing Jeb and Lindsay (Graham, not Lohan).

    “Anon” strikes again!!!!!1111

    [I tried to post this above, but the Internet ate my comment. If it surfaces, please accept my humblest apologies for a double-post.]

  7. There are some ostensibly conservative blogs who do some good reporting on the decay of the nation but have a racist streak in them, either in their reporting, their comments or both. I’ve seen this term used on such sites in reference to white conservatives, particularly Christians, who don’t have enough of a problem with all aspects of immigration (according to these blogs) and so are helping “sell out” the “white race.” This has been capped by pictures of white couples with black babies that they either adopted or was produced by the white mother being impregnated by a black man. Hence the connection to race cuckolding.

    Whether this race-oriented usage of “cuckservative” predates the one listed in the first few posts I do not know. Some have opined that this is all done by Alinskyite mobies in order to make all conservatives appear racist but I don’t think so. The left will surely take advantage of it but these people already existed all on their own.

  8. C.O.D.
    One could believe the theory of the Bell Curve and still point and laugh at some low IQ white person who clings to the theory as a way of asserting superiority over a black guy like Walter Williams.

    I’d hate to think the Chinese food delivery boy who didn’t get past 6th grade thinks he’s smarter than me because of the Bell Curve.

    If you have 4 hires in a room, all different ethnicities, applying for an important job that requires expertise and responsibility and you hire the white guy without interviewing any of them because of the Bell Curve, you just may be a racist.

    It sounds like the Cuckservative movement advocates hiring the white guy sight unseen.
    That’s not conservatism.

  9. The is a racist snakepit. The posters there, quite often, are Nazi sympathizers, which means that they are socialists and thus collectivists. That they are tired of the PC nonsense is nice, but ultimately irrelevant. They will not be happy until they finish what Hitler started and really, who needs friends like that?

  10. Agreed. So WHY associate this criticism with *conservatives* rather than with the idiot Republicans by using such a term? That’s what I’m getting at.

  11. There are plenty of examples of liberal Republicans holding onto the mantle of conservative around election time. Their speech and record are anything but conservative. They dilute the message and therefore are called RINOs but that doesn’t seem to phase them. What you have if faux conservatives.Romney’s bus said conservative. Boehner calledh hmself conservative, dirto for all the pretenders. When I read cuckservative I think of leftists calling conservatives cocks. I would use3 the word but until a definitive definition is agreedupon, I am holding back. Urban dictionary?

  12. I’m with the Czar. I don’t know how to explain it, but the very word “Cuckservative ” sounds denigrating to all Conseratives, much like Tea Baggers to the Tea Party. And how it is, all of a sudden the rise of the white supremest toting this term along with them? Stinks. Stinks like bait in a trap.

    Coming pretty fresh on the heels of tearing away parts of Southern heritage, and US history. Comes while Black lives matter is taking a hit. Comes while Trump is pushing for closing the borders and the sanctuary cities are being put under the spotlight. Like bait in a trap.

  13. Exactly Mongo. That’s why I say they should be called “Cuckold Republicans”. They are not Conservatives. They are not phased by being called RINOs because its not derogatory enough. They are Cuckold’s because they enjoy being neutered, dominated and getting off in watching Obummer, Hillary with a strap on, or any other regressive line up and give this country a good shafting.

    These guys remind me of the typical Hollywood movie where the big shot CEO boss who runs roughshod over his employees because of his power, then sneaks out to a secret local at night where he begs to get whipped and humiliated by a dominatrix. That’s the current GOP leadership in a nutshell.

  14. True, the bell curve theory is not that profound. Plenty of white people below the 50th percentile for all people. And there are blacks in the top echelons for intellect. If anything, black intellect has been under attack by government programs in the US that consistently reward blacks for being dumb while punishing them for being smart.

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