Cuomo top aide resigns as embattled governor faces multiple sexual misconduct allegations

Melissa DeRosa is “allegedly” a scumbag. She “allegedly” arranged malicious retaliation against accuser #1.

Have no sympathy for this crunt.

Melissa DeRosa, Top Aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Resigns - WSJ


Melissa DeRosa resigned and issued a statement saying the past 2 years have been ’emotionally and mentally trying’.

Earlier in the week, New York Attorney General Letitia James released an extensive report accusing Cuomo of sexual misconduct which prompted calls for the governor to resign including from President Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.


7 Comments on Cuomo top aide resigns as embattled governor faces multiple sexual misconduct allegations

  1. i dont understand why the democrats want to kill him off. They rally around the “squad” and cheer them on so whats the big f’n deal with cummo?

  2. Fact is the mega-jealous Derosa assisted the sexual predator Cuomo in the hopes of becoming his latest squeeze, which didn’t happen. She resigned due to the glaring fact that he’s no longer in any position to grope or molest anyone anymore, particularly her.

  3. “… to serve …”
    These people make me puke. Greedy, grifting, amoral, heartless, gutless, lying sacks of monkey shit are parasites on the body politic and then blather about “service” when they get caught out.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Time for some “Vigilante” justice… Someone needs to hang his Dem☭KKKrat arse from a street post!

  5. That is the way it works from top to bottom with the “progressive” left.

    When I was in college the abusive guy they had running the show was known to abuse coeds. That did nothing to stop many naïve volunteers from hitching their wagon to that horse… and then when he did what he did there were a couple chicks that ran out to defend the asshole and smear the gals.

  6. She got herself appointed to that position so that she could enrich her family not to serve the public! The enrichment period is now over so she bailed out, Surprise, surprise!


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