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Cuomo’s accuser is willing to take a polygraph. Is he?

TimesUnion: ALBANY — The woman who accused Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of groping her at the Executive Mansion last year informed her attorney when they first discussed the allegations in early March that she would be willing to take a polygraph lie-detector examination, and that she would also like the governor to submit to one as well.

A spokesman for the governor referred comment to Cuomo’s attorney, Rita Glavin, who late Friday characterized the matter as “press ploys.” She declined to say whether Cuomo would consent to submit to an independent polygraph examination to answer questions about the female aide’s allegations.

“A full process, a fair process, the evidence and the truth will exonerate the governor,” Glavin said. more here

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  1. To hell with the sexual harassment crap. He needs the death penalty for murdering helpless nursing home patients for political reasons.

  2. Things must be heating up again on the serial murder of over 15,000 senior NY citizens by Cuomo. It’s the only reason that the women surfaced in the beginning. Everyone knows already the Cuomo is a pig, we need to prove that he is a killer.

  3. FWIW, polygraphs are worthless for habitual liars anyway. They only measure physical signs of emotional stress from lying, and he lies all the time whether he needs to or not so he wouldn’t have any.

    They’d say it cleared him after that.

    It’s kind of a bad call from her lawyer, on a level with OJ’s glove. As a lawyer, you should NEVER ask a question you don’t already know the answer to, and he has no way of knowing how slick a prevaricator Nipples actually IS…

  4. Psychopaths can pass lie detector tests. Plus he doesn’t believe he abuses people, he thinks he has a right to whatever he wants in life.

  5. When you’re a leftist, why tell the truth when your lies will be given cover by the press and the entire leftist cabal? You can do what you want i.e. lie, cheat, steal, make your family rich, grope, get BJs in the White House, take lavish vacations, pretend to be a tough scrapper who used to drive eighteen wheelers, etc… with no scrutiny.

    And your opponents will do nothing.

    It’s a sweet deal.

    I sure do hope that Jesus is who He said He was. I’ve chosen to believe so, and I hope that their is eternal justice/pain for these pathetic, amoral scumbags.

  6. Let me get this straight. If I profess to be a conservative, nobody on the right will be allowed to interview me, because: SCIENCE, RACIST, etc. But Cuomo can be legitimately interviewed by his own brother because … whatever, and it is legitimate. What am I missing?
    I welcome Mr. Doocy (either of them), anyone from NewsMax to ask me anything. I wish any other politician would do the same.

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