Dim All the Lights… Just Because a Dude Has White Hair Doesn’t Mean You Can Mess With Him

“I’m gonna hurt ya.”

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  1. LMAO.
    I wish people would start knocking out the people who film fights, too.

    Those stupid saggy pants earned him that KO, for starters.

  2. I notice the loudmouth AV geek did not jump into the ring to take his shot at glory. He’s a bigger poser than his buddy. I’d be ashamed to post video of myself watching a friend get cold-cocked and then not doing anything about it. But I guess kids these days don’t see it that way.

  3. This doesn’t make the cam man less despicable, but I think the punk that got knocked out WANTED him to record the fight because he expected to show his tiny world his victory.

  4. Notice those scummy POS always pick on someone they think is weaker than they are – or run packs to outnumber their victims. Cowardly bullies.

  5. Sleeping Sidewalk Sam lost ALL street creds to the next three generations.

  6. Jethro
    AUGUST 2, 2021 AT 11:49 AM
    “He should have pulled the a-hole’s pants down while he was laying there.”

    …or UP. Up would be better for ALL of us, and more insulting to him as well.

  7. …or…

    “Officer, I was in fear for my life when that strong, young man approached me with violent intent, backed up by another young man who was encouraging my beating. Due to my advanced years I did not think I could survive being beaten by two heathy young assailants, so I had to present my self-defense carry weapon at that time and end the threat from both of them.”

    …it’s another way you COULD go, just sayin’…

  8. These idiots wear belts and tighten the belt to place trousers at their asses to show off plaid boxer shorts.

  9. Does it make me a bad person to confess to the fact that I could watch that loop all day and not get bored?

  10. “I’m going to hurt ya”. Yeah whatever, you are a white-haired old per…. ZZZZ
    Welcome to the real world you POS


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