Larry Elder says Gavin Newsom is nowhere to be found to defend his record

Candidate for California governor discusses the recall effort on ‘Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street’.

Elder is going to verbally murder any candidate he debates.

10 Comments on Larry Elder says Gavin Newsom is nowhere to be found to defend his record

  1. Gruesome Newsome doesn’t have to defend his record. California has mail-in ballots, which means he will “win” by a “landslide”. The pre-filled in ballots are already on the trucks getting delivered to the “counting” centers where they will wait in a back room on “recall” night to be swapped out with the real ballots.

  2. Larry is an attorney, No matter what happensh, he is ready to respond.e has th election worked out like the old computer flow charts. He has my vote.

  3. Election fraud has been occurring in CA for a very longtime. I’m sure Elder’s is quite aware of the situation. This fact has taken a heavy toll on the State, a one party system is corrupt and dangerous to a free society. We are no longer a free society in California, we are a nanny State, and believe the State is better at thinking for us, than we are. It is very disturbing. Larry may be able to stop the madness temporarily, it seems our beautiful State has become a haven for government supported homelessness, illegal drugs, illegal immigration, blatant crime and so many other societal destroying elements. The politicians almost seem proud of what we have become. Oh, and let me add one more thing, taking from the middle class has become a sport for our politicians!

  4. If you are like me, stuck in the communist cesspool, otherwise known as California, vote Larry Elder.


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