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Cutting Satire At Its Finest

In a scathing piece on abortion, Federalist contributor Stephen Lavedas writes about making the hypothetical choice to abort a baby who doctors predict will be homosexual if allowed to live. More

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  1. amazon is going to have mobile abortion drones soon.
    They’ll deliver a non-delivery
    Sundays too!
    not really, but probably

    and if they get there too late, just leave the baby out by the street and the drone will run it over

  2. I so, so, much desperately hope they will one day predetermine the leftist, muslim, LGBTQ, Nazi, Stalin, Marx, AOC, Pelosi, & Schumer gene.

    These toxic strands of genome helix are the death of mankind.
    This DNA says “hey, global warming, hold my beer…”

  3. Experimental drone (Bozos 101) after 20 years, code name blank shooter, they say has been perfected!
    Will charge you only $.50 cents more per month on prime…
    @TobyMiles, you visionary you!
    abortion drones a credit will be givin on!
    An extension of Prime Fresh,

  4. Hahahahaha!!

    Funny stuff!
    The morons and imbeciles of the “left” will short-circuit!

    “Norman … coordinate … Norman … coordinate …”

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Sure, the fetus was found with the gay gene. but we also found a black gene – we are just honoring Margaret Sanger with our choice to abort. There was also evidence of a MAGA gene; how could anyone bring that sort of monster into the world? And what if the child decides to travel from city to city as part of a show tunes chorus when he grows up – he would be leaving an unacceptable carbon footprint.

    It’s so confusing. Progressives should create a priority chart to make these decisions easier.

  6. In China, male children are more valued than female, so girls are aborted more frequently than boys. China now has a huge problem because there are multi-millions more men than women. Horny men. Their solution? Sex robots!

  7. R L opined several years ago that if it ever became possible to isolate & identify a “homosexual gene”, then the entire “gay” lobby would overnight become pro-life.

  8. Is there a blood test for liberalism?
    Yea, it’s called HIV, tests are quick, painless, and sometimes free.
    Much less painless for all if they are positive,,,
    “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

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