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D.C. Swamp Creatures More Bark Than Bite

The District of Columbia was always known as a fetid swamp where those that could, would escape during the summer months in order to avoid the deadly fevers. Today’s residents have adapted to permanently dwell in the murky depths of the Potomac bottom lands.

Now that an outsider has dared to disrupt their ecosystem (based on a parasitic relationship with the rest of the nation) they are lashing about under the stagnate waters, raising a howl of protest and fury that would drive the faint hearted back to dry land.

Kurt Schlichter knows these creatures and he’s here to remind us to stand strong as those we have relied on to wade into the morass are showing early signs of weakening.


12 Comments on D.C. Swamp Creatures More Bark Than Bite

  1. Forgive the profanity but FUCK ‘EM ALL! Especially old turd breath with mustard yellow teeth John McStain.

    Trump knows how to smoke ’em outta their holes. 😈

  2. I would worship Lord Cthulhu himself if he would travel up the Potomac and “drain the swamp” by eating all the Deep Stater bureaucrats.
    Bring back the Elder Gods!!

  3. “More Bark Than Bite”

    Considering Trump has about 2,000 appointments to make and last I heard he’s only gotten 600 through, and considering the massive amount of entrenched permanent Federal Government employees, considering the fabricated leaks and the Pro Deep State media turning them into a National Crisis ever time something is leaked, I’d say it’s best to error on the side of caution and never underestimate your enemy. This will be a very tough fight.

    McCain, Graham, Durbin, Bernie Sanders, McConnell, Schumer, Ryan, Collins, Murkowski, Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Rosa DeLauro, and more and more creatures of the never ending DC swamp.

  5. What we are witnessing is an attempted coup of the constitutionally elected presidency. If the establishment democrats and republicans are successful, it will be nothing less than a call to arms.

  6. @cato

    We already have the power to limit terms, by voting. It’s our power that lets the career politicians entrench themselves. Or rather, it’s our laziness.

  7. We have the power … by voting.

    Unless the Swamp things succeed in nullifying it by unseating a duly elected President, that is.

    In that case plan for Plan B.

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