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Daily Mail Insists That Cruz Assures Them That He’s Been Faithful

Carly Fiorina attempted to head off a demand that Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) definitively declare his fidelity to his wife by a Daily Mail reporter at a press conference in Wisconsin yesterday.


 While Fiorina accused the media of “playing to Donald Trump’s tune” the senator declared that the National Enquirer story that accused the candidate of being a serial philanderer to be “complete garbage, it is total lies, it was planted by Donald Trumps henchmen.”


 Based on the Daily Mail headline that followed that day, I’d say they were unconvinced by Mr. Cruz’s answer.


 Watch the exchange Here

This is the media’s opportunity to prove the National Enquirer story correct and destroy Ted Cruz’s chances once and for all.  Just produce one of the women willing to talk about her relationship with the senator, or get hold of some photos (like what happened to Gary Hart) or a stained dress. 





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    “When infidelities are discovered:

    • Hide the spouse • Take her off the trail • Block contact • Delete Social Media • Present female spokesperson as intercepting agent for candidate • Keep interceptor with candidate at all times • Deny • Deny • Deny…. until denial is no longer a plausible option.

    ♦ The interceptor is to deflect attention away from the campaign. ♦ The Candidate must not answer direct questions. ♦ Reassert candidate’s humility perspective. This becomes paramount to give space if needed in phase two.

    Phase Two – Interceptor drops out. When/if the candidate can no longer hide the infidelity, the reasons for prior obfuscation/denial was ‘embarrassment‘. Phase Two ends with re-entry of spouse to deliver the “we will heal / together” speech. Surround candidate’s optic with friends and family; or carefully host private one-on-one interview.”


  2. “This is the media’s opportunity to prove the National Enquirer story correct and destroy Ted Cruz’s chances once and for all.” – Dr Tar

    And THAT is the key, Dr T:

    DOES the media WANT to take down Cruz now?

    If so, that would ensure a Trump nomination, which would likely lead to a Trump election in November.

    Alternatively, they hush it up/look the other way (like with Hillary), let Cruz continue (like with Hillary), let the GOPe finagle a way to hand Cruz the nomination (as the DNC with Hillary), only to see him lose to Hillary, giving both the DNC and GOP a victory of the next “elite” to preserve the Status Quo.

    We shall see….

  3. As the campaign marches on, Cruz looks less like the refreshing ideologic Tea Party patriot, and more like a political-career-minded lawyer (as did Rubio).

    That is not a Trump endorsement or a Cruz bash,
    just an observation that supports the idea that it’s too late to save this dysfunctional Republic and it’s closer to the time to remove and replace it.

    No single person can possibly reverse the decades-long decline. And the vast majority of public servants have NO political will to clean up the sewer. Not bureaucrats, not legislators, not judges. None of them.

  4. TO ed357

    WHY NOT?!?

    Two posts above you, I explain clearly the advantage the GOPe has in letting Cruz “win” (as opposed to some not-yet-named toady). Of course, when he loses to Hillary, the GOPe ALSO gets to crow, “Hah! See? A conservative can NEVER win!”

  5. Ted Cruz Super PAC donated 500,000 to Carly Fiorina Super PAC. Alleged Cruz mistress, Sarah Flores works for Fiorina. Anti-Trump Super Pac that spread the 20 year old pic of Melania Trump to “slut-shame” her to the Mormons in Utah has the same address of as Carly Florin Super Pac. Now it doesn’t take a fucking genius to see there is something corrupt and dishonest going on here. Heidi Cruz was found by the side of the road in Austin Texas in 2005 head in her hands–brushed off as a “bout of depression” –anyone who has discovered marital infidelity can attest that is more likely the cause of her “breakdown” Cruz is no fucking saint people.

  6. Maybe we are looking at this in the wrong light. Maybe, if the philandering Bill (the predator) Clinton was such a good president, we should push to have Heidi Cruz run for public office much like Hillary is trying to do?

    Couldn’t be any different or any worse, could it?

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