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Dallas DA says he won’t prosecute ‘low-level’ crimes like theft and felony drug possession

The Blaze: The Governor, the Mayor, the Police Department, the Police Union and many more aren’t too happy about this Democrat’s reform ideas.

Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot has stolen some of the political oxygen in the city, and the state in general, with his new reform measures, even with all the national news going on. But that small theft wouldn’t be prosecuted by his office these days: They don’t do that anymore.

Creuzot, a Democrat, has angered local and state officials, and importantly police unions, with his decree that his office will no longer be prosecuting what he has non-technically referred to as “low-level” crimes. As a recent Dallas Morning News op-ed put it, “shook” the people tasked with law enforcement and government. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say he has them “shook.”

The new agenda for the new district attorney is, he says, aimed at ending “mass incarceration” and jail time for “technical” violations which aren’t a threat to public safety. That includes a lot drug offenses, and although his letter informing the county residents of his overall plan was only published a week ago, he’s already dismissed more than 1,000 drug possession cases since taking office this year.

“The changes that I promised will be a step forward in ending mass incarceration in Dallas County, and will make our community safer by ensuring that our limited resources are spent where they can do the most good,” said Creuzot in the letter. He also specifically covered the drug offenses he has already dismissed.

First-Offense Marijuana Although African Americans and people of other races use marijuana at similar rates, in Dallas County African Americans are three times more likely to be prosecuted for misdemeanor marijuana possession than are people of other races. After arrest, African Americans are assessed money bond at a higher rate for marijuana possession, and are assessed higher bond amounts than other races. African Americans are more likely to be convicted of marijuana possession once charged and are more likely to serve a jail sentence.1

The District Attorney must take action to end that disparity. To that end, I have declined prosecution on misdemeanor possession of marijuana cases for first-time offenders whose offenses do not occur in a drug-free zone, involve the use or exhibition of a deadly weapon, or involve evidence of delivery. After the first offense, people will be offered a program that, if successfully completed, will keep their record clear. I am also in the process of dismissing all pending misdemeanor marijuana cases filed before I took office, according to the new policy stated above. To date, I have dismissed over a thousand misdemeanor marijuana cases.

They will likewise decline prosecution on “State Jail Felony and 3rd Degree Felony Possession of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)” in first-offender cases matching the above listed criteria.

Also on the no-prosecution docket are some petty theft cases of less than $750, except in cases where the object was financial gain.  more here

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  1. “Creuzot, a Democrat, has angered local and state officials, and importantly police unions, with his decree that his office will no longer be prosecuting what he has non-technically referred to as “low-level” crimes.”

    Government’s legitimate monopoly on dispensing justice is incumbent on government making a good faith effort to ensure justice is done. Being as this Goddamned jackass has made it clear that government has abdicated that responsibility, vigilantism is a concept that no longer applies throughout that jurisdiction and everyone therein is legitimately entitled to extract justice in whatever manner he or she sees fit.

  2. This is the law in Seatle, LA, and San Francisco.
    Trespassing, not a crime? Camps of homeless drug addicts in your yard? Needle exchange, open drug use, mentally ill camped in your yard, on the sidewalk next to your business.

  3. So a single elected official has effectively re-written the law without going through the state legislature. There shouldn’t be any reason that could withstand a legal challenge in the courts, and it should be possible for the governor to remove him from office for unconstitutional actions. But if it ends up before a panel of democrat-appointed judges, it will probably stand.

  4. So don’t prosecute me when I shoot them in my driveway as you’ve abdicated your responsibility to protect and serve.

    It doesn’t say “To sit back and write reports for insurance claims”.

  5. Don’t want to be prosecuted in any jurisdiction for MJ possession? Simple solution: don’t smoke that shit. Problem solved. Stoners agree friggin morons.

  6. Most normal Texans pack heat so crime is not an issue, it’s the pussy liberals who will be liberated of their $750, but since they believe so much in redistribution of wealth they will jump at the chance to be mugged as it will add SJW points to their resume under interaction with minorities.

  7. Dallas country just legalized theft; can the DA be removed for refusing to do the job he was elected to do?

    This DA is creating an environment just begging for a Mafia family to spring up offering protection to the local business owners. The retrograde power of libtards is only exceeded by that of Islam.

  8. This asshole was elected! In Texas! I see Texas going the same direction as Oregon, Washington and too many other states. Large urban areas with large democrat populations canceling the votes of the people in the rural areas.

  9. Right in front of a police officer in Seattle, you can pee and poop on the sidewalk, inject drugs, fall down drunk, act crazy and do most anything else – AND THEY WON’T ARREST YOU.

  10. Basically legalizes shoplifting. Watch for stores to adopt merchandise display policies which make self-service impossible for items priced under $750. See what you want, fill out a ticket, pay for it, receive the item. Slow but necessary. A boon for online shopping and specialized delivery.

  11. They just reduced court’s admin overhead by… 90% ?

    Maybe have to let go some of the staff there?

    Lots of lawyers will need to re-gear their practices. Huge loss of revenue stream available.

    Seems like some job loss is inevitable.

    Considering the perps likely don’t put as much money into the system as it costs for the system to deal with them, sounds like another budget win.

    Now, on the streets, that’s where the rubber hose meets the head.

    Trespassing and theft may still get you shot, Mr TheyWontProsecuteMeForThis

  12. Chaos.

    The “little people” will demand a more forceful Police State.
    The tyrants (nihilistic/socialistic oligarchs) will be more than happy to comply.
    The Police will respond with gusto.

    It’s been done.
    It works.
    Those who ignore History are doomed to repeat its mistakes.
    Or, more eloquently:
    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
    (dead spic dude)

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. How would you like to be a store owner 5 criminals walk out with 200.00 of merchandise each you just lost 1,000 dollars. A local grocery store tried self check out and they were losing between 5,000-10,000 dollars a WEEK so they quit doing it. Walmart still does but if you watch closely alot of merchandise is not scanned it is just put in the bag. if they get caught it will be oops I forgot.

  14. If the dude had any sense of honor (hahahahahahaha) he’d resign since he chooses NOT to do his job.

    Can’t they impeach him for fraud or something?
    If you’re paid to do something and refuse to do it, don’t you get fired?

    izlamo delenda est …

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