Dan Bongino Sues Daily Beast for $15 Million


“The liberal activists inside of many media outlets have gotten away with character assassination for way too long,” says Dan. “The Daily Beast tried to smear me, and I guess they thought I would just take it. They were wrong.” Get the story

10 Comments on Dan Bongino Sues Daily Beast for $15 Million

  1. The requirements for a successful libel / slander / defamation suit by a public figure are quite stringent, including hard evidence of deliberate malice and actual damage. It seems like Dan just might have a good case, though. I hope so!

  2. The Press has a constitutional right to lie, smear, libel and defame since NY Times v. Sullivan in 1964.

    When one of them gets held to account, I’ll change my mind. It hasn’t happened in over two decades by my recollection.

  3. Bongino is the genuine article. The real deal. I was introduced to him by listen to him filling in for Mark Levin which I used to listen to podcasts of on my way to work every morning. I miss listening to Levin, but he changed how the podcasts are downloaded and after putting in hours, over the course of days, to try and get it figured out I threw up my hands in disgust and have moved on.

    What makes people ignore the old adage, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, is beyond me, but I have no patience for this nonsense.

  4. The only way to deal with this liberal scum is to hit them where it hurts…in their bank account! But with all the liberal suckass judges out there (which need to be purged, maybe some will commit “clintoncide”) he probably won’t get shit just an apology!


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