DARPA Is Learning To “Swarm”

It’s called the OFFensive Swarm-Enabled Tactics or OFFSET for short. The objective is to utilize hundreds (their current goal is 250) drones (either aerial or ground based) to cover a designated area designated. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is working on it  now. Watch

To get a conception of the possible war fighting capability such a swarm might have in the future (i.e. loaded with debilitating drugs or napalm) you’re going to have to read my book, which I just re-uploaded a re-edited version that is about 10,000 words shorter. Here

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  1. Micheal Crichton wrote about Swarm Technology in His Book

    “State of Fear” (Originally Titled “State of Fur”

    but lawsuits and such stymied that)

    But it was more about Bee size Drones that could Suffocate you…

    Sweet Dreams!

  2. Bobcat, wrong book. You are thinking of his book Prey. Both are worth the time to read. But if you like his writing try Neal Stephenson.


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